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Essay writing forms an important part of the test. A student having good skills in essay writing is required to devote less time in comparison to students with low or average skills in essay writing specifically essay on technology IELTS. The better the hold you have in vocabulary and grammar, the higher you can score in the International English Language Testing System recognised worldwide.

IELTS technology essays have recently been included as a part of task 2 over the last few years.  The performance in IELTS task 2 is truly based on technique and practice. The IELTS essay is structured similarly to other essays. It has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Task 2 or the essay writing test of the IELTS writing part must be completed within 40 minutes. The minimum word count required for this task is 250 words.

This content revolves around information about the technology essay IELTS that needs your attention. The sample provided below on it will help students prepare for the writing task in an ineffective manner.

Writing a Good technology IELTS Essay

Let us learn how to write a good technology IELTS Essay. The important thing is to do the planning before you commence writing the essay.

Good planning is classified into five different phases.

  1. Analysis of a question
  2. Generation of an idea
  3. Structure
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Conclusion

Structure of IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay

The following is the structure in common that should be followed for a better outcome. It will ease your task and save your time. The frequent practice will help you become more familiar, confident, and aware of several things that will certainly help you write an effective technology essay IELTS within the allocated time limit.

The below is the Essay Structure in Common:


  • Include a statement in general (make sure, it does not contain your opinion. Ensure your introduction has a general observation)
  • What the problem is about (cover what the general public thinks about it)
  • Your opinion (what you think)


  • Your reason to agree or
  • The advantages or
  • The problems


  • Your reason to disagree or
  • The disadvantages or
  • The solutions


  • Summary of your opinion
  • Summary of the problem or issue
  • Your final recommendation thought, or impact

How to Write a Good IELTS Technology Essay?

Following the below guidelines can help you write a good IELTS technology essay without much effort.

  • Do a plan for your essay
  • Give a good introduction
  • Work on relevant ideas, topic-related ideas
  • Divide the essay into suitable paragraphs
  • End your essay with a suitable conclusion

The Top Tips to Write an Effective IELTS Technology Essay

If you want to score well in the International English Language Testing System, make sure you follow the below tips:

  • Write an essay that contains a minimum of 250 words. An essay with a word count below 250 will result in a loss of marks.
  • Plan your essay in a way that can help you complete the essay within the allocated time.
  • Your introduction needs to have an overview of the topic that can include features or facts related to the topic.
  • Focus on readability and make it engaging.
  • Use short paragraphs and organize them in a better way
  • Practice more and more essays on different technologies
  • Refer to old question papers for some IELTS Technology Essay practice
  • Make yourself familiar with the topic-related relevant vocabulary.
  • Learn about the way it is evaluated and focus on different vital aspects
  • In case of an opinion essay, give your opinion after you have done discussing both aspects – (agreeing and disagreeing).
  • Review your essay to avoid the scope of errors and minor mistakes.

Essay on Modern Technology: Sample 1

Modern technology can be considered a valuable gift from God. Discuss the Advantages and Limitations in this essay on technology IELTS.

It was not very long since we used a large, folded map to know the directions while travelling to a new destination. But nowadays, we can tap on Google Maps or take the help of ‘Siri’ to access the entire map from our Smartphone. Today’s generation is quite technical-friendly, and we can easily sort information from our own devices.

In today’s world, we run against time and want everything to be ‘quick’, so technology is helping us with it in many ways. The days of searching for anything by visiting the store have gone. Now the entire world is at our fingertips, and we can get all kinds of information from our smartphones. The internet, technology, and the introduction of various smart devices play an important role in today’s modern life. Throughout the day, we use several kinds of technologies to complete our day-to-day tasks and get the daily routine activities completed more smartly.

However, it is quite sad to know that modern technology has changed the way societies were closer to each other. Earlier there were emotional bonds between people, cultural importance were there, and humans were more focused on their health. These smart pieces of tech come with a few drawbacks as well.

It is only through modern technologies that one can stay connected with people from all over the world. Technology in the current time is like fish to water, without which it would be difficult to survive.

If it is calculated how many lives have been saved with the help of modern medical technologies, it would be difficult to count the number. Modern equipment, the latest technology and improved healthcare facilities all have helped humans defeat chronic, critical diseases, and provide the best healthcare treatment at the earliest.

Secondly, satellite communications continuously broadcast data all over the world to our computers and we are just a click away from all such happenings. One can now watch our favourite shows, movies, events, and news online with the help of technology with a single click.

Thirdly, with the help of technology, the education system has also improved manifolds. It is just because of modern technology that students can easily study from their homes during the pandemic. Modern technologies have helped all of us in living a better standard of living.

With the help of innovative technologies, household chores have become quite an easy task. Many times, it seems like a gift of God to mankind that is being used for their betterment. But technology comes with some drawbacks.

In this highly technology-dominated society, even small chores are done with the help of technology. We are very much dependent on machines and a range of devices. Eventually, everything looks artificial.

Bottom Line

Hope this technology IELTS essay helps you know about the essays that need to be written. Please note that the questions revolving around general interest topics in most of the cases are repeated, just the question pattern and wording are changed.

To conclude,

  • we advise IELTS applicants to always create an outline or plan,
  • use 2 to 5 clear paragraphs,
  • it is better to prepare a topic sentence for each paragraph,
  • make sure you use a general statement to make the opening sentence considering the problem to be discussed – including facts but no opinion,
  • in the first paragraph, write your opinion in a clear manner and follow the same across the rest of the answers using a range of linking words,
  • if you are using a point, make sure you explain your point backed by a possible short example or explain the reason for its importance,
  • Last but not least end your essay with a recommendation, consequence or a final thought related to the essay topic.

For more information on technology IELTS essays included a few years back, get in touch with the experts at Study Smart.

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