Life in New Zealand

We have talked about the beauty of New Zealand, we have talked about the revolutionary education system of the country and we have told you many a times about why you need to Study in New Zeland.


We are not going to say all of that all over again, but talk  more about the life you can live in New Zeland.


New Zealand is fabulous and we love being here. So… The question remains- WHAT are we going to talk about today?
We are going to tell you what exactly awaits you when you are in the land of Kiwis.


A country voted as most liveable, of late, has people who are friendly and welcoming. Sometimes, more than the availability of everything, the absence of something is necessary. What is absent in New Zealand? The lack of safety. To put it the other way ’round, it is probably the most gorgeous safest place upon the planet. Even the instances of corruption are quite ancient there. New Zealand does not have untreatable poverty or hunger or pollution. The cities are not cramped. You have space, you have clean air to breathe and you have the people on your side- no matter where you are from.


The Kiwis take acceptance very seriously. They are not going to bombard you with racism or try to subjugate you to their ideas. They are very open to having you as you are. It is the “New” way they are exemplifying. They are a modern, secular society with no major segregations. Hell, just listen to Lorde, will you? She will tell you that they are not Royals with their nose up in the air. While on the topic of a female teen rockstar, it is imperative to say that the Kiwis value women. It is a world-known fact.


If we talk about “Things to do”, it is a headspin! People in sports, you have your Nirvana in here. Do not be fooled by the size of it, Lord of The Rings movies will tell you just how much there is to explore on these islands. New Zealand is, easily, the most extraordinary natural landscape- wherever the eye goes. It is the home of adventure- whether you are the mountain girl or the beach guy. Kiwi love their food and wine. No doubt about that. And, if you are a culture-explorer, the Maoris await you.


As an international student Studying in New Zealand, with a budget to mind, this country offers some illegal levels of satisfaction. 53% of the students admit that they plan to remain in the country after their studies are over. And why not? The employment opportunities are sill budding rapidly in almost every sector, the higher studies are only more laudable and the Government has over-simplified paperwork for you to indulge in. There is almost no hassle should you plan to not return.


The distance of New Zealand from your home might be terrifying but, as they put it- some of the best things reside in distances.


For any more details or just to hear us rave about the Kiwis, feel free to contact.


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