Study Masters of Business Administration in UK

Study MBA in UK

A Forbes India survey states that over 3.5 lakh Indian students are presently studying abroad. Out of these about 60 percent are studying in the US. After the US, education in UK is a certain choice for overseas education. According to statistics, the number of Indian students studying in UK has nearly doubled in the last decade and as of early 2013, over 70,000 Indian students were studying at universities in UK. The most important point to be noted is half of them were studying at the postgraduate level.


What makes the United Kingdom a destination galore for postgraduate studies? Well for beginners UK postgraduate degrees like a MBA take only one year as compared to two years in other countries because they are more intensive. You can thus save a great deal on both tuition and living costs and start working and earning sooner.


Pursuing a MBA in UK is a primary choice as the UK has an exciting and fun culture which meets all educational needs, at the same time being an affordable option as compared to USA or other foreign destinations. Colleges in UK are well within reach with lenient and easy procedures to obtain a VISA. Students can extend their study visas’ for up to 2 years on completion of their respective courses under the post-study work visa. The post-study work visa allows all international students completing a UK degree qualification to apply for a visa to stay on and look for work in the UK.


While you pursue a MBA in UK, with its prestigious institutions like the London Business School, London School of Economics, Kings College or Cambridge, you may try your hands at part-time jobs inside and outside the university campus. The best part is students are no longer required to obtain permissions to work part time while studying a full time course. Students can work full time during the vacation period and up to 20 hours a week during academic terms.


A degree from a University in UK is recognized and respected throughout the world. To Study in UK will be a solid foundation for building your future, boosting your career and landing prospects for a high salary. UK universities and colleges provide a vibrant, creative and challenging environment in which one can develop their potential. With students from over 300 countries in UK, it provides a perfect multi cultural environment for students to improve their knowledge,  Quality standards for UK institutions are among the best in the world.


Funding and affordability are not a problem with the study costs comparable to other international destinations. Up to 21,000 international students receive scholarships and grants from the UK government every year. Health care and many other facilities are often provided free of cost for international students.


Recently British PM David Cameron announced a visa-powered bonanza for India’s student community withdrawing a cap over the number of Indians who would be allowed to study in UK universities annually and also permitting them to stay-on in graduate level jobs after they have qualified. This and the existing fame, pride and rapport that an education in UK holds, makes it an ever more lucrative study option.


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