Myths About Studying Abroad!!


Are you looking forward to starting at college, for your undergrad or your MBA maybe. Is studying abroad somewhere in your “wish list?” But then you hold back because of rumors and ideas you may have heard or read about studying abroad? Things like “it is too expensive”, “it is really hard to difficult to get into a Foreign University”? If you think you will not be able to study abroad, think again… we tell you why.



Myths About Studying Abroad, Study Overseas

Time for some myth busting!!!



Myth NO.1

“I cannot speak another language.”
This is the biggest farce you may ever come across. Though this may have been true TWO DECADES AGO, it isn’t so anymore. Most country’s now offer courses which are either in English or at least as a secondary language of instruction (i.e., the U.K., Australia, Canada, Ireland, etc.)


Myth NO.2

“I can’t afford to study abroad.”
Another of those stories’ to keep you back home!! In current times, an MBA from an Indian Institutions may cost you almost equal to a foreign one. Most Study abroad programs often cost the same amount as studying at your home college or university. Sit with us sometime and we shall show you how to handle those tuition fees and even bag “financial aid” offers to review what programs are available under financial aid programs by government and non-government agencies, as well as any available scholarships or awards that may help you on your way to your favorite foreign destination. You can always customize and balance out the amount of money you will have to study when abroad.


Myth NO. 3

“Studying abroad is too risky.”
Well that is old news too. As the Global economy and cultures are flourishing, such incidents are but a few. This can often be the most obvious disincentive specially from the parents perspective, when considering travel to a foreign place, and hence one must keep informed about world environment rather than curbing your dreams. Having said this, we, your study abroad advisor will steer you in the direction of a program at a destination which will suit you, not only academically but culturally and personally too.


Myth NO. 4

“I cannot find the course of my choice. Maybe it’s not available at an International university. ”
That is where Study Smart comes in. Trust us; there are courses you want, available everywhere. You name it, we will find it. Universities across the world offer many of courses which may offer the same content but under different names. Meeting your degree requirements is definitely a priority and we make sure you find the course you really wish to pursue. We will look through your academic profile and find the courses and institutions that suit you the best.


Myth NO. 5

“I am not too sure about application deadlines.”

It is not very difficult to keep track of application deadlines and requirements, most of this information being available on websites of institutions you may be applying to. But then there is another option where you could take our help and we would take care of your applications and get them to your colleges before time.


Myth NO. 7

“I will have to stay away from my family and friends.”
Well, nothing ever came easy. But then the returns from studying abroad will not only  your family and friends happier. One must look at the benefits of studying abroad, global exposure, independence, making an international social circle, and so much more. Staying in a place and making new friends will get you a wider perspective of life, giving you confidence and leading you to a successful career and life ahead.



For more myths, pick up your phones, dial us at 09650687699 and come on over. We will make sure you get the right information, expert guidance and a end to end solution to your study abroad needs. Study Smart provide overseas education consultancy and various other services for free!


October 15, 2013 3:50 pm

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