Online IELTS Coaching vs Classroom-based IELTS Coaching

With advancement in technology, availability of multiple video conferencing platforms, intelligent learning management system and interactive online content we are seeing a huge increase in the number of online courses available to students. The current Covid 19 situation and lock down across the globe has forced many universities, colleges and schools to adapt to online teaching and deliver online classes. We have seen a similar trend in IELTS training and coaching as well. Many Top IELTS Coaching Institutes in India are now offering Online IELTS Coaching. They are delivering the IELT Test Preparation material Online with the help of various student portals.

While the institutes do not have a choice on this matter, the question remains are students liking the online mode of studying for the IELTS Exam? Are they able to understand what is being taught to them in Online Coaching for IELTS? In this article we will compare the pros and cons on Online IELTS Training with classroom based IELTS Training. Here are some of the key points why we believe Online IELTS Coaching is better. It will surely become a more acceptable form of IELTS Test Preparation.

Benefits of Online IELTS Coaching

Online Classes for IELTS are More Interactive

The Online IELTS Classes are far more interactive and engaging than classroom classes.  The student feels like he/she is getting one to one classes with the IELTS Trainer. Also there is no cross talks or distractions, hence the student is more attentive towards the IELTS Trainer. As per a recent survey done by The Harvard Review, 87% students found Online Learning to be better than classroom learning.The survey was focused on subjects that don’t require lab based learning.

Online Training for IELTS is More Convenient

Taking the Online IELTS Coaching from the comfort of your home is far more convenient than taking classroom based training. You don’t have to worry about travelling, parking, getting dressed, etc. All you need is a good internet connection, a lap top or a hand held device and you are good to go.

More Cost Effective

Our Team recently conducted research to compare pricing of various IELTS Coaching institutes in India. We found majority of the IELTS Training Providers are offering Online IELTS Coaching in India at a much cheaper price when compared to the classroom-based training.  In our case as well we offer the Online IELTS Training course at a discounted price.

Safety First

One of the biggest benefits of taking online training is safety. You dont have to worry about catching the virus when you are attending the classes from home. Taking the IELTS Training in a physical classroom will increase the risk of catching Corona Virus or other infectious diseases.

So are looking for a convenient, safe and cost effective option to Prepare for the IELTS Exam? Then Study Smart’s Online IELTS Coaching is the right choice for you. For more details about our Online IELTS Training & Live Online IELTS Class Schedule contact us now or click here.

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