Packing List for Students planning to Study in UK

Study in UK Packing List

It is mid-August and most students would be busy getting everything in place to fly out to start their course for the September intake. Sure you must be excited to start a new journey of your life while studying in the UK, but in this excitement and frenzy, students tend to overlook some important aspects and forget to pack some essentials. So here is a list that will help you pack and ensure that you fully utilize the 52 Kg baggage allowance provided by most airlines for students going to study in UK.

List of  Things to Pack for Students planning to Study in UK

A. Clothes

  1. Jeans/ Trousers
  2. T-Shirts/ Sweat Shirts
  3. Formal Shirt
  4. Tie
  5. One Formal Suit (For Presentation and Interviews)
  6. Leather Jacket (Short or Long)
  7. Thermal Innerwear
  8. Woolen Sweater/Cardigan
  9. Woolen gloves/socks/cap
  10. Wind Cheater
  11. Umbrella
  12. Track pants/ Sportswear
  13. Sports Shoes
  14. Formal Leather Shoes
  15. Slippers
  16. Haversack (Bag to carry to college)
  17. Leather Belts (Formal and Casual)
  18. Night Ware
  19. Undergarments
  20. Towels/ Napkins
  21. Bed sheets/Pillow Covers

Note: Bed Packs & Duets are very easily available in Malls in UK at £30 – £ 40 (This will reduce your weight).

B. Miscellaneous Things

  1. 3 Adapters ( Indian Round pin to UK Square pin)
  2. Clothesline (Nylon rope to Dry Clothes)
  3. Clothes Clips
  4. Small nonstick frying pan
  5. Small Cooker
  6. Forks, spoons, and Knives
  7. 2 Melamine Plates
  8. Coffee/Tea Mug
  9. Masalas

Note: This list is essential while studying in the UK to limit your expenses.

C. Personal Effects

  1. Scissors / Nail Cutter / Comb
  2. Shaving Kit
  3. Hair Oil
  4. Soap/Shampoo/
  5. 4 Toothpastes / 3Toothbrushes
  6. Deodorants/Perfumes
  7. Body Lotion/Lip Balm (For Dry Skin in Winter)
  8. Sun Glasses
  9. Digital Camera / SD Card / Video Camera (If you wish to carry)
  10. GSM Mobile Phone (All UK Sim Cards will work on your phone)

Note: If you want to get complete information regarding studying in the UK then click here.

D. Stationery Items

  1. USB Pen Drive
  2. Laptop
  3. All Software (Office, Windows, Anti Virus etc.)
  4. Blank CDs / DVDs
  5. 1 Dozen Pens (good Quality)
  6. 20 Passport Photos (formals in Tie or Suit)
  7. 20 Photocopies of recommendation Letters, Work and Academic (Scan and have them on your Pen Drive)
  8. 20 Copies of your Resume (Also have them in soft copy)
  9. Diary

Note: Students are not advised to carry Text Books because you will have to study from the book based on UK-pattern suggested by your professors.

E. First Aid Kit

Please consult your personal Doctor in India before you carry the below Medicines to make sure you don’t have any side effects.

  1. Anti Biotic – (Cold/Cough/Viral/Flu)
  2. Anti-Allergy (Alegra)
  3. Crocin/Combiflam (Pain Killers)
  4. Isabgol / Digene / Eno Salt
  5. Multi-Vitamins
  6. Anti Septic Creams (For Cuts and Soars)
  7. Dettol
  8. Bandages

F. College / University Documents

  1. Offer Letters
  2. Copy of Your Draft/ Fee Receipt
  3. Foreign Exchange for Living Expenses (Approx. £2,500) Travellers Cheques or Cash
  4. Air Ticket Printout
  5. Passport
  6. Passport Photo Copies
  7. Important Telephone Numbers
  8. Chest X-Ray
  9. Blood Test Report (HIV)

And if you still have any doubts or if you forgot to pack something, don’t worry, you can always contact us and we will have it sent through any of our students flying out in the near future.

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