How to Prepare for Your IELTS Test Offline?

The first step to understand IELTS is to grasp the fact that it is a language test not a skill OR subject test. The difference is that a language test checks your ability to use the language in day-to-day settings and not necessarily in the Prose setting.

Let’s first understand more about IELTS Exam

IELTS has two types of tests. They are Academic IELTS Test and General IELTS Test. They have some similarities and some differences, which also tell about the need of the test taker. If you are looking to Study Abroad in a foreign country you would need to take the Academic IELTS Test. If you are planning to migrate or work abroad you will need to take the General IELTS Test. IELTS measures an individuals’ competence in Listening, Reading, Writing and speaking abilities in a time bound fashion. Every ability has a time limit set.

  • Listening module has four parts. There are total 40 Questions which need to be solved listening to the audios and following the instructions.
  • Reading module changes based on the type that the test taker is applying for. The module has three parts with the total number of 40 questions and the time limit allotted is 1 hour.

If the test taker is applying for the Academic purpose, then they will be attempting three passages with questions in the range of 12 to 14 per passage. If the test taker is applying for General purpose, then the will be attempting 5 passages. The first 2 parts will have 2 passages each with questions in the range of 6 to 8. The last part will have an academic passage.

  • Writing Moduleis different for academic and general. The similarities are that both types have to attempt 2 assignments.

Part 1 is a 20-minute assignment with a word limit of 150. The academic test taker will have to work with Factual data in the form of an image or graph or map. The general test taker will be writing a letter, which could be Formal or informal. Part 2 is a 40-minute assignment with a word limit of 250. The test taker is given a topic, wherein they are asked to express their opinion about it.

  • Speaking Module is for 15 minutes. It has three parts. They are Personal round, cue card round and General round based on Cue Card.

As a test taker there are a lot of resources that you can use to practice the different skills. I would like to share a few strategies that will help you that are recommended for your IELTS Test Preparation

Preparation Strategies for IELTS Exam recommended by Study Smart IELTS Training 

  • Spend equal time in each module. No module should be ignored. You need to score well in all the modules in order to get a good overall IELTS score. In IELTS classes the trainer is available to guide you for the concerns that you are facing. You can take help of Best IELTS Coaching near you.
  • Practicing sample test papers is one of the best ways to prepare for any exam. The trainer can help to keep you updated about the changes in the paper pattern and the question types. They can even train the candidate with what to expect in the actual exam and also help them to realize their strong and weak areas and work accordingly. Lot of IELTS coaching centers in Delhi provides mock test for practice
  • Time management is crucial. Candidates need to take track their time as they are practicing each part of the various modules. Attempt at least one module per day and set aside a day to self-assess your performance. As time progresses, devote more hours to parts that you are weak in. You can contact some IELTS training institutes nearby, they will provide you strategies to manage time.
  • A basic sense of grammar and correctness is all that is required from the test-taker. The Candidates are expected to focus more on correct use of words and phrases instead of decorative vocabulary. The test taker should not be disheartened if their English is not decorative enough. Grammar should be their main focus. They should make it a point to speak and write English correctly well before the exam. There are lots of IELTS classes in Pune, Delhi& Surat having smart online portal that includes Grammar session by Experts.

In conclusion I would state that candidates need to systematically prepare for the entire test. The above stated tips will come in handy for the test-takers and will help them build up the quality of their preparations.

How Study Smart will help in preparing for IELTS exam offline:

Study Smart is a premier institute for IELTS training in Delhi, Pune and Surat. We are a one stop solution for Online and Offline IELTS Test preparation with best IELTS Coaching Centres in Delhi, Pune & Surat. Our trainers are well experienced and Cambridge certified. We have trained 12000+ students both online and via classroom based trainings.  Our trainers will provide tips and tricks to students to crack the IELTS Exam in 1st attempt. We also provide an access to our online Student portal with more than 200 lessons and practice quizzes for self-preparation covering every topic of IELTS, tips & trick videos, informatory videos, self-evaluating module-wise and full length mock test.

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