Preparing for IELTS Test and Exam – Tips, Do’s & Donts

Tips to Prepare for IELTS

Reports unleashed by the IELTS Organization have revealed that the test takers from an average of 40 nations score Band 6 however most universities want Band 6.5 or above. Success in your IELTS Examination depends on the way you solve the tasks, time management and the manner in which you complete the essays. Students who are aware of the right path score high. If your target is to score well in the IELTS Examination, the first requisite is your communication in English has to be very strong.

IELTS Test Preparation- Know The Right Technique

The following are some vital tips to help you score well in your IELTS examination-


• Know the format of the test- if you are preparing for IELTS or in that matter any other test, it is essential for you to know the test format. This will help you to complete the test on time.


• Practice – Even native English speakers will not score well in the IELTS if they do not practice dummy tests for preparation. Practice as many model tests as you can to score good grades in the examination. Practice tests will improve your skills and improve your awareness on the test format.


•  Begin reading, writing, speaking and listening- This helps you to score high in the examination. You can start off with listening to the English news and speaking as much as possible with your friends. Reading English newspapers and magazines also help you to improve your skills. This will help in improving comprehension and writing skills.


• Online tests- There are many online writing practice tests for you on the Internet. When you are doing these tests, ask someone to proofread and correct the essays. There are several websites that provide these free practice tests and give you informative videos to refer to.


•  Listening tests-  make it a habit to listen to English news and songs to improve your listening skills. Never leave the writing part in the end as you may forget what you have heard.


• Answering questions- Do not write the answers too quickly. It is important for you to think before you answer.


• Spelling- check the spelling. In case, you write any name with the wrong spelling, you will lose marks.


• Reading test- While reading text, your aim should be to answer the question and not study the whole passage. Get an overview of the text by reading the title, sub-titles, beginning and the end of the text.


• Writing essay/letter- When you are writing an essay/letter, the aim is to be creative. It is important for you to complete the essay on time. Make a positive impression with your essay by maintaining a good structure.


• English speaking tips- Never learn answers before the examination. In case, you do not understand, ask for clarifications. While speaking make eye contact. In case, you make a mistake while speaking, correct it immediately.


There is no secret formula for success. For getting the best scores in the IELTS Examination sincere preparation and completion of tasks are important. The following YouTube link will give you an insight on how to score high in the IELTS Examination –



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