PTE Now Accepted To Study In Canada

Do you have dreams of studying in Canada? Well if you do, it is smarter for you to take the PTE Examination over the IELTS Exam as the former is now being accepted for studying abroad in Canada. The PTE or the Pearson Test of English is an English Language Test like the IELTS however there is a difference- your English language skills are tested on a computer!

Like the IELTS Examination, the PTE has two types of English assessment tests- Academic and General. The former is perfect for non-native speakers who desire to pursue higher studies in an English speaking nation like Canada. Several institutes in India provide students with top PTE and IELTS coaching to make them ready and confident for the test.

Until the recent past, PTE was only accepted in popular Universities in Australia, UK and USA however now many universities and colleges in Canada will also accept students who pass the PTE test. Therefore, if you are interested to go to Canada and pursue higher education there, you can make most of this golden opportunity!

Now, you may be wondering why should you opt for the PTE Examination over the IELTS Test. Given below are the benefits of the PTE Examination over the IELTS Test for you to consider and finally make your choice-

  • Quick results- The results for the PTE Examination is announced in just 5 working days making it one of the most fastest over other tests of the English Language. It is a prudent choice for students who opt to study in Canada for a short span of time.
  • Flexibility of booking and registration- You can register for the PTE Test in just 24 hours of any Test date. Students are able to select the test date and time as per their schedule.
  • Transparency- Students have the transparency to check their score and make the decision whether to send them or not. Students that have scored well may apply for intake in the best universities of Canada this year.

Therefore, if you have the desire to study in Canada this year, do not waste your time. Get in touch with reliable and trained PTE trainers and pass the test with flying colors!

Get Best PTE & IELTS Coaching With Us!

We here at Study Smart give you the best PTE & IELTS training in Pune & Delhi. Our IELTS coaching centre in Pune is located opposite Wadia College. We have started PTE coaching in Pune here and help students prepare well for the test. We pay individual attention to the needs of the students and teach in small batches. We have practice sessions to help you with the PTE & IELTS preparation in Pune & Delhi.

We make students confident and ready for the test in our centre for PTE academic coaching in Delhi. Students come here for IELTS test preparation in Delhi too. We give you a detailed  introduction to the test and its scoring patterns. Our Faculty are trained and certified teachers themselves to help you with your PTE training in Pune and Delhi. You may come down to our centers in Pune and Delhi to meet them and discuss any concerns you might have regarding the test. Once you are satisfied, you may enroll with us and begin your IELTS or PTE test preparation with us. We ensure you get the best care and attention when it comes to teaching and picking up the primary language skills that will fetch you high marks in both the examination.


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