Scholarship Update – Study in Auckland, New Zealand

We, once, told you about benefits of studying in Auckland, New Zealand. Here is a little something to add onto that list. Scholarships!


Frankly, if we get into naming all the scholarships on offer, we will create a sort of directory over here. Suffice it to say that there are scholarships for every level if you choose to study in New Zealand.
Entry Level and Undergraduate Scholarships:
You may be fresh out of school or you may be somebody who decided to do their Bachelors a couple of years after school, these scholarships cover you. From relaxation in fees up to covering your entire first year in Auckland, there are these scholarships to cover the undergrads perfectly.


Masters Scholarships:
Whether you have graduated from a university in New Zealand or you did your undergrad in some other country, it does not matter. There will be financial grants and research aide for all qualifying for these scholarships.


Doctoral Level Scholarships:
New Zealand is famed for its research programs. It is almost lavish in treating all its doctoral candidates as well. Not only you have the chance of obtaining financial support and an opportunity to work with world-renowned teams in matters of research, universities here will also help in building your career. You have living stipends and your medical insurance will be covered.


Postgrad Diploma Scholarships:
Mostly financial aides here and some of the scholarships even offer help with finding further career opportunities.


Alumini Scholarships:
Have you even come across something like this? There are universities here with such affluent alumini circles that they bring them together to help students who, otherwise, find it hard to fund their studies.


New Zealand is a great place to study or for working after completing your studies. For more details, feel free to get in touch.


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