Scholarship Update – Study in Canada

Scholarship Update in Auckland, Canada

One of the evergreen destination for Indian students and immigrants has been Canada. As a destination, the country welcomes its immigrants and makes sure to become something of a second home to them. As for students looking to study in Canada, the country is magnanimous.



Canada is one of the forerunners in international cooperation for world education. To uphold this status the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made the government involved in offering grants and scholarships to the students who have come in the country to study. As a result, there is something for everybody.

Scholarships for the Undergraduates
This one is a long list. To give an overview of just about all the offers of all the scholarships, you have your tuition fee covered, for starters. Some of the scholarships covering your entire tuition fee are renewable as well. These are not restricted to some disciplines but are spread over to cover just about every sphere of educational interest. There are many independent organizations funding the money regularly to help the students gain a degree not only in Canada but in many universities associated with respective Canadian universities around the world.

Scholarships for the Post-Grads and Researchers
Canada takes the research seriously. There are funds and facilities available for the students enrolling for research based Masters or PhDs. Like the under-grad scholarships, these ones offer help in every field of research and Master Studies. To top it all, there are specific awards and other grants to avail.



Study Smart Overseas Education has been working with Canadian Universities, which do not hesitate in extending a helping hand to students in need. For more details or to apply, you know where we can be found.


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