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London is known for its glamour world. Be it Football or The British Museum or The London Eye. London surely is one of the most diverse cities in the world, offering life experiences that no other city in the world can offer.  Along with this, London is a very popular destination for international students as it has some of the top universities in the world. One such globally recognised university in London THE UNIVERSITY OF LONDON.



  • Located in West London, The University is located in a lively atmosphere, which connects two sites, Brentford and Ealing. The location offers excellent life style along with leisure opportunities for students
  • The University of London was awarded as the No. 1 Modern University of London in 2013.
  • Has been recognised for its commendable hospitality and quality of work that the university has provided.
  • Apart from the Academics, the University has also been the leading university in the areas of music, art etc.
  • University provides excellent career services to students to look for internships and employment opportunities.



University of London has always been a popular choice for international students. Their international student welfare office is renowned for their services. In its continuous efforts to facilitate studies and provide support for international students,  The University is offering its international students with 100 INTERNATIONAL AMBASODOR SCHOLARSHIPS WORTH UP TO £5,000. This scholarship helps the students to ease their studying and accommodation expenses.


Students are eligible to apply for the scholarship if they have been offered a place to study on a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate course at the University of West London, commencing in September 2014. Last date to apply for the scholarship is Friday 15 August 2014, however the scholarship is awarded on first come first serve basis, hence students are advised to apply at the earliest.


If you would like to apply for this scholarship, Study Smart can help you complete the scholarship application form and increase your chances of getting this scholarship.


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