Strategies For Cracking The IELTS Exam

Strategies For The IELTS Exam

The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is the most preferred test in English Language for foreign education and employment across the globe. Both academic and government organizations in the world accept IELTS passed candidates. In fact, this test is the only language test required for the purposes of immigration.

Study Smart In Pune- Pros Of  IELTS  Test Preparation With Them

The primary motto of IELTS coaching in Pune is to help students gain success with the right IELTS training experts. With Study Smart, the primary advantage is that there are small batches and better individual attention rendered to students. The classroom sessions are better and more focused. Problem areas are address in a systematic manner and this boosts the performance of students in the final test.


The class modules of this esteemed IELTS institute in Pune have been specially designed to cater to all the four important modules of the test- reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students can opt for flexible timings at per their convenience. Sample practice tests and question banks are discussed and feedback provided based on the performance evaluation of students. For IELTS test preparation, Study Smart also has a well equipped library to aid students for reference work and post training, students can also avail of this library facility for some months. Study Smart is one of the best IELTS coaching centers in Pune today primarily because it focuses not only on passing the test but also preparing students for a lucrative career that lies ahead. The trainers are certified and they ensure that every student’s needs are looked into.


The following are some positive strategies and tips provided by the expert trainers of Study Smart to help students pass the IELTS Examination with flying colors. Let us take a look at them-

  • The reading tests take an hour or so and so does the writing test. The listening test takes around 30 minutes with an additional grace time of 10 minutes for answering the questions asked. The speaking test lasts for around 11 to 14 minutes and comprises of a face to face interview. There is a structured set of questions asked and discussions take place. The test patterns for the IELTS Academic and IELTS General are different.
  • Top IELTS coaching institutes like Study Smart always keep track of changes that take place within the examination schedule. They ensure the student is aware of these changes. The coaching classes are customized to adjust to the new changes so that students face no hassles with the test.
  • Last but not the least, time management is a very important aspect of passing the Test and with regular IELTS training in Pune experts the student gets better. Sections need to be dealt with accordingly so that students can attain the highest scores.

Therefore, if you are looking for credible IELTS coaching in Pune, it is prudent for you to drop in at Study Smart today. This esteemed IELTS coaching centre has offices in Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, London and Auckland. The trainers are friendly and focus on the individual needs of all their students. The classroom sessions are interactive and enjoyable. Students who have studied in this top IELTS institute in Pune claim that it is one of the best for test preparation and results. To know more, Please drop in at


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