Why Study Abroad in Ireland?

While planning to study abroad there are many aspects to consider like, education system, costs, lifestyle and accommodation, outcome of the investment done and many other. There are many countries that come to mind while pondering upon these facts which seems suitable. Ireland has recently been the country to become one of the top choice for international students for higher education abroad.

Why should one choose to Study Abroad in Ireland?

There are many reasons to Study in Ireland. The education is recognized throughout the world, their institutions are globally connected and the students graduating from there have great opportunities in all kinds of careers all over the globe. Having located near to UK, the students also get a chance to explore the world while studying in Ireland and they can travel to different countries and cities thus giving them the experiences of lifetime.  There are more than 200,000 international students graduating from Ireland every year, and this number has only been increasing with each passing academic year.

World Class Education:

With 7 top universities of the world are in located in Ireland, the universities rank in top 3% of the world making it all the more attractive to employers everywhere. The level of education is one the best in the world and is recognized globally due to it education system and research standards. The international students get a chance to stay back and working in the country for upto 2 years upon completing their graduation from Ireland, thus giving them a chance to start their career in Ireland.

Links with the outer world:

Being located closest to the UK, students in Ireland also find great opportunities in the UK for their career opportunities. Not only the UK but the students also stand a chance to study in the USA as they have a facility of credit transfer and tie ups with American companies.


Ireland is home to many IT companies with their headquarters located there. This makes it the most sought after study destination for the IT and Computer Science related courses and careers. With increasing growth in these companies, there has been no shortage of opportunities for fresh graduates as well. Many other sectors like Pharma, Financial Services, and Construction are booming sectors in Ireland with great career opportunities.

Affordable Education and Lifestyle:

Unlike many countries, Ireland doesn’t dig a huge hole in your packet. With affordable education and lifestyle, international students get a chance to study in one of the best universities of the world and have experience of lifetime.

Warm and Welcoming:

Ireland is one of the safest and welcoming countries for international students. Irish people are known to be the friendliest people in Europe and are very warm towards foreign students. Ireland also has the youngest population in the world making it a vibrant country to live in for young students.

How can Study Smart Help? 

Study Smart Overseas Education and IELTS coaching is a premier and certified Overseas Education Consultants based in Pune, Delhi, Thane and Surat. We provide various services to students looking to study in Ireland. We are recognized by the Education board of Ireland and have successfully placed a huge number of Indian students in Ireland. Our close ties with students and universities in Ireland, puts us in an ideal position to provide support to prospective students looking to Study Abroad in Ireland.

Counselling and guidance for students looking to Study Overseas in Ireland

We offer guidance and assistance to the students for their applications and admission procedures for abroad education, starting with profiling, helping students in selecting the right course and universities suitable for their profile followed by the application process and getting the offer letter of admission. Furthermore, we guide the students in decision making to finalize the university where they would like to pursue their further education. We extend out assistance for the Visa application process along with pre and post departure support. With our presence in Auckland and London where we have our student support offices, the students can reach out to us whenever they require any help or support while being in a different country. We provide all our services for admission to many Top Ranked Universities in Ireland. We understand you may have queries and concerns regards to moving to a different country. Our Study Abroad Consultants for Ireland have either Studied or worked overseas. You can reach out to our skilled Study in Ireland team of consultants in our Pune, Delhi, Thane, or Surat for any guidance or assistance required. Our student-oriented and friendly team of Study Overseas Consultants for Ireland would happily assist you on the entire process along with the financials included and scholarships available in universities in Ireland and will also help you with accommodations available. In short, you can rely on our team for accurate and relevant information when it comes to studying in top universities in Ireland.

IELTS COACHING for Students looking to Study Abroad in Ireland

We offer ONLINE coaching for Ireland as well as classroom coaching for the Test preparation as it is an essential proficiency test to enter into Ireland and also one of the entry requirements of studying abroad. The Online IELTS Coachingrendered is at par with the classroom training with advanced training tools and equipments to teach with. The students get the experience as that of classroom with the LIVE ONLINE module for Online IELTS training where they can interact with the faculty and fellow students during the lectures. Every aspect of IELTS exam has been considered while designing our LIVE ONLINE IELTS Coaching. Our offerings for Online IELTS Traininginvolves interactive livelectures, recorded videos, online study portal with more than 250 lessons and practice quizzes for self preparation covering each and every topic of IELTS, tips & tricks and informatory videos, module-wise and full length mock test.

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