Study In Ireland – An Overview For International Students

Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world- it is specially known for its lush green landscape and prosperous economy. The nation has an encouraging tourism industry and is known for its invaluable contribution to the world of English Literature and Music. Besides the above, Ireland is also a popular international study destination for foreign students across the globe. Today, they are able to get over 5000 internationally approved and recognized global courses for their academic and career progress.

Amazing Facts About Ireland 

Ireland is well-known for its unique  cultural identity  and dialect however English is widely spoken across the nation.  Tourists and travelers can easily adapt to the language. Besides academics, Ireland is also known for its excellent career opportunities for international students and job seekers. The nation is very safe and friendly . Notable laureates from Ireland are George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde and Robert Boyle.

Exuberant Culture And Fun Loving People Of Ireland 

Ireland is also known for its vibrant culture and wonderful music. With the passage of time the distinct Irish culture has diminished with time. Ireland is also known for dance and the popular musical instrument called the harp. English is spoken with a heavy Irish accent by most people. Approximately 88% of the population are Roman Catholics. Irish people are passionate about sport, politics, sports and travel. They also love spending time with their families and the popular food in Ireland are potato farls, tayto crisps and red lemonade. The two main currencies of Ireland are Pound Sterling and Euro.

Study In Ireland- What You Should Know About It?

You will be guided by the Institution you wish to enroll in for higher studies in Ireland with regard to documentation and paperwork however it is mandatory for you to register with the GNIB or the Garda National Immigration Bureau for Non-Irish and Non- EU residents.


As a student you should manage your finances in Ireland well. The financial and banking system of Ireland is transparent and if you have all the standard documents that are required, opening an account here is safe and hassle-free.


Carrying a valid insurance is crucial and if you are a non- EEA student, it is mandatory for you to have medical insurance. The private insurance that is opted for should cover the illness and diseases of the student and the time period spent in hospital.

Accommodation too is a vital factor that you should organize before you arrive in the nation. There are several websites where you can find and finalize a suitable accommodation for yourself. It is wise to make preparations in advance so that you do not face issues later. The climate in Ireland is good however it is not predictable. You should gear yourself up with the right protective gear.

Fly To Ireland For A Successful Academic Journey 

If you have targeted Ireland as a foreign study destination, you have indeed made a smart decision. Ireland is known for some of the best foreign education institutes in the world. However, before you go to this popular destination, it is prudent for you to take the help of credible study abroad consultants for Ireland. They will guide you on how to get admission to top colleges in Ireland. Moreover, they will give you valuable information on the education system, climate living costs and more important details you should be aware of before you preparing flying to Ireland.

Study Abroad In Ireland With Study Smart- Reputed Foreign Education Consultants In Pune & Delhi

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