Study in Ireland – Avail Scholarships for 2014 intake

Ireland is known for welcoming International students from over 80 countries for over 1000s of years now. An qualification from a University in Ireland is sure to add a significant value not just to your academic profile but also to your personal development and earning potential.

There are a lot of reasons why Ireland has become a preferred choice for international students to pursue their higher education. A few to cite are :


–  Safe, Friendly and Welcoming environment with a very young population

–  English Speaking country

–  Ireland Universities & some Institutes are Top Ranked in the world

–  Second most attractive country for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) after Singapore

–  Leading Global Companies are in Ireland…

  • Eight of the world’s top ten IT companies,
  • Eight of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical and life science companies,
  • Half of the world’s major financial services companies.

–  Part time jobs very easily available

–  Options to Stay and Work in Ireland

–  Excellent Scholarships for International students


Scholarships for 2014 intake

A large number of scholarships are offered to Indian students every year. Take a look at the exciting scholarships being offered for September 2014 Intake.


1.)   Dublin City University

  1. 5 Undergraduate Tuition Fee Scholarships of €3,000 each for 1st Year and €2,000 for subsequent years
  2. 5 postgraduate scholarships of €2,000 each


2.)   University of Limerick-

  • Faculty of Science and Engineering :50% Scholarship available to postgraduate applicants with grades of 70% or above and undergraduate applicants with grades of 75% or above
  • Kemmy Business School Postgraduate Scholarship: A bursary of €1,500.00 available to applicants with grades of 65% or above
  • Faculty of Education and Health Sciences Nursing Scholarship: BSC & MSC a reduction of €3,000 for academic year 2014/15.
  • Faculty of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship:
    1. A bursary of €1500  to postgraduate students with grades of 65% & €2000  with grades  of  70% & above
    2. A bursary of €1500  to undergraduate students with grades of 75%


3.)   Waterford Institute of Technology –Application deadline for Scholarships – 31st April 2013

  • WIT Indian ‘Wicket Scholarship’ 2014
    • MASTERS : UPTO 50%

4.)   Griffith College  Ireland – Dublin Campus

  • Free General English Language Course starting June 2014  worth €1500


5.)   Dublin Business School:-

  • A bursary of €1000  to postgraduate students
  • A scholarship of €500  to undergraduate students


* Scholarships are awarded basis Eligibility & Course selected. Bursary will only be given to early birds. Application deadline for all above mentioned scholarships is April 2014.


If you are still thinking on when and how to apply –think no more. If you wish to grab the scholarships being offered by various universities and Institutes in Ireland , make sure you send in your applications to us As Soon As Possible. There are limited number of scholarships offered by each university and most of them have a application deadline of April 2014. You surely don’t want to miss this fantastic opportunity! For more information contact Study Smart now!


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