Studying Abroad: 9 Pit Stops of Seamless Journey


The decision to go and study abroad can be a bit difficult and a life-changing one. Also, it can be very well a bit confusing process. But, if you are ready to go overseas and convert your dream into reality, then this article is just perfect for you.

If you are still not sure about how to study abroad, this write-up will guide you to get completely organized and get started with the journey. We will explain the entire process in full, from why it is significant to study abroad, how to select universities or schools, and how to come back from the opposite culture shock.

Identification of the correct Study Abroad Program

With so many alternatives available in the study abroad program, it can be quite a challenging decision for you. We are here to help you from the very beginning. First, ensure to consider the academic location and focus.


If you are not much sure about where to go, then you can narrow down the alternatives by asking some general questions like:

  • Am I searching for a course to enhance my English or foreign language skills?
  • Am I searching for an enormous city experience?
  • Will I prefer a Non-English or English-speaking Country?

You should implement all your resources and ask your friends to study abroad, why they have chosen their studying location. You can also consult any of the education consultants and take an IELTS Coaching in Thane to get admission to any university of your choice.

You can ask other students about their experience of other universities or colleges and reasons for selecting the specific location. You can also contact other alumni of the same university to get a better experience sense and why they selected that particular program.

Academic Focus

The program that you have chosen should include a course that will help you to move closer to the academic goals. Review some of the sample lists of the course or program offerings for the class’s idea you might take in the specific program.

You should also set up a time for chatting up with the office of study abroad and the academic advisor at the home school or institution to discuss the transfer of the credits ahead of time.


Most of the renowned universities offer programs for the fall, summer, winter, and spring term. When you want to study abroad can include an enormous impact on where you want to enroll.

Talk about this with your Family

It is never too late to share your interest in studying in an unknown country with your family members. The earlier you begin the conversation, the sooner you will get answers to all the questions.

Most international universities also include a parent’s section covering different program dates, fees, abroad safety, an advantage of studying in a foreign country, and many more.

Find some time to sit down and communicate with the elders of your family so that you can begin your new life at the earliest.

Discuss various alternatives with your school

Make an appointment for a consultation with the education advisor to ensure all your credits and courses will get approved for the transfer to other Universities. It is significant to be aware that all your home universities should include some specific steps you need to follow on your side.

Organize the Required Funds

Do you have the required financial aid for studying abroad? If no, then contact any office for help in financial assistance. You might also find out if the fund you will receive is also applicable to all the semester while studying abroad.

View all the grant opportunities and scholarships that you might be eligible for. More than 50% of the immigrant students studying abroad receive complete financial support from various organizations in grants or scholarship forms.

Submit your application for Studying Abroad

Complete all the online formalities of program courses in a foreign country as per your choice. This process includes few steps and does take some time to complete the procedure. Thus, be ready to start as soon as it is possible.

Prepare for the Departure

Renew or apply for a passport whenever possible that is necessary for your trip abroad. You should read all the information given to you by the admission officer and apply for the student visa based on your program course location.

Wrapping it up

Now that you have a seamless journey of studying abroad, you can get in touch with your nearest education consultant and get all the details from them.

Sometimes the student has to qualify for international language tests to get a visa. You can enroll in the best TOEFL coaching in thane and prepare for the same.

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