Studying Abroad for Free for Indian Students – Top Myths Dispelled

Studying abroad does not come cheap, especially when the tuition fees for education have gone up dramatically over the years, making it difficult for students to afford it. With the surge in international students, the competition is also getting stiffer day by day. Especially when you think of countries offering excellent education, either you have to face much competition or pay huge amounts as fees. But luckily, there are numerous opportunities to study abroad for free, or by paying significantly less amount. Also, students most common Myth that all foreign universities charge high tuition fees is also not true in all cases.

This blog answers the most common question asked by international students – how can I study abroad for free?

The below-mentioned information can help students study abroad for free or a very low budget.

Scholarships for Academic Studies

Scholarships are one of the most common and perfect options that can help students fulfill your dream of studying in the top educational institutions located abroad. Some scholarships cover the complete study tuition fee, a few others covers all the expenses including living expenses, and some other scholarships aim at supporting by different means. Thus, it aims at helping talented, eligible, and the economically backward students, study in the top-ranked institutions at no cost incurred from the students pocket.

Numerous international universities offer scholarships to students who look to study abroad for free. Students just need to apply to the universities offering scholarships to deserving students. A fully funded scholarship is one of the ways to get a quality education without burning your pocket. Though getting a fully sponsored scholarship is not an easy task mainly due to the higher number of applicants, if you are hardworking and dedicated, you can get a scholarship.

Some scholarships accept students from particular countries only, so make sure you have researched well about the minimum requirements at the university to which you are applying to. You can also take the help of study counselors at Study Smart who provides accurate information regarding the available scholarships.

Apart from the universities, various government agencies, charitable institutions, and some private enterprises also offer scholarships to students looking for options how can I study abroad for free? The government of India also announces various scholarship schemes given to some specific groups such as – the Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship available to SC candidates. This fellowship is granted by the Indian government to schedule caste (SC) students whose yearly family income is less than INR 6, 00,000.

Free Education at German Public Universities – Study in Germany for Free

German public universities are popular for offering good quality education. They have a long history of providing excellent education, scientific research, and international recognition. The German government tries hard to stay competitive in the global education market and thus makes numerous scholarships and grants available.

Most of the Public universities in Germany don’t charge any tuition fees to students no matter from where they are coming. Only universities located in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg (South-west Germany) charge EU €1,500 each semester from every student. The students studying there are supposed to have nominal administrative or registration charges varying from €200 to €3500 per semester. The fee consists of a regional transport pass, which is helpful for learners and covers the student union membership fees as well.

Study in Nordic countries for Free

Pursuing higher studies in Nordic countries can be expensive but a few nations offer free education. Northern European countries such as Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, and Finland are quite popular among international students for offering quality education at affordable prices. For instance in Norway, higher education is free for all no matter where they are applying. One just has to pay NOK 300 – 600.

International students from outside the EU/EEA region can also study in Finland for free if they study in Finnish or Swedish. The Finnish government has introduced a policy named “Finlandization” which means that students don’t have to pay for their tuition and living expenses. In addition, students from across the world are eligible to apply for a scholarship to study in Finland. Also, Ph.D. courses in the counties like Sweden, Denmark, and Finland are fully funded. Studying in the Nordic countries can be a good choice for students interested in taking the advantage of free of cost education.


The MS (Graduate) and Ph.D. scholars get financial support in the form of assistantships. Different kinds of assistantships are offered to both Ph.D. and MS scholars including Graduate Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), Teaching Assistant, and Research Assistant.


Bursaries are government-funded financial assistance offered to the students which can be utilized to pay the tuition fees, living costs, and books. Bursaries are granted to students with financial needs, but in many cases, they are also offered on a first come first serve basis. Since the amount and duration differ based on the organization which is offering them, so make sure you do good research before applying.

The main difference between scholarships and bursaries is that scholarships are merit-based and are given to students based on their academic performance. Whereas, Bursaries are financial-need-based awards and students don’t have to repay them. But many institutions offering bursaries ask students to donate or contribute post completing their studies, so that others students can also take benefit of bursaries. Also, a few institutions ask students to give their services against the bursary.

Paid Internships

Internships are formal work experience offered by the employer to potential employees for a fixed time period. The work given to students is related to their chosen field and helps them get practical knowledge about the course. Along with getting relevant industry experience, students also get some extra money to manage their finances. Paid internships are an ideal way to get some extra money while getting practical knowledge.

Part-time Work

Part-time jobs are also a great way for students to earn some extra money and build up their careers simultaneously. Many foreign nations permit international students to work for up to 18-20 hours a week. For instance, students having a Canadian visa or New Zealand student visa are eligible to take up paid jobs for up to 20 hours a week. Most Countries allow students to work part time while there are studying, the hours and working norms may vary from country to country. Generally, these are the maximum number of hours students can work while pursuing their course and get paid on an hourly basis. The rate of pay differs from $10 to $16 per hour.

Fundraising For Studying Abroad and Virtual Studying

Pursuing higher studies abroad can be financially challenging for many students. Even if you have taken admission into a university that doesn’t charge tuition fees, living in an international country can be expensive. So you can raise money for pursuing your course via fundraising. Though the idea of raising funds can feel a little awkward for several students, it is one of the best ways to fulfill your dreams without any financial hurdles. You can opt for crowdfunding and create a campaign for yourself by getting associated with any fundraising platform.


Hope all the students looking for the answer to how I can study abroad for free get relevant information. The above information surely would have dispelled myths related to study abroad for free from Indian students. Any student can take the advantage of scholarships, grants, and other educational funds made available for students looking to go for higher studies abroad provided you fulfill their eligibility criteria. Though the students have to bear other costs themselves, the expense of pursuing higher education from a foreign nation can be reduced drastically with all the measures discussed above.

Studying abroad can expand your outlook on the world and bring a meaningful change in your life forever. But it is important to get accurate information regarding the ways how can I study abroad for free.  To get more relevant information to fulfill your dream of studying abroad, get in touch with the Study Abroad counselors at Study Smart. We aim at providing the highly satisfactory consulting services at a nominal consulting fee. Contact us today for the admission abroad support.

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