How Studying Abroad Helps?

Why Study abroad?

There was a survey a few months back, according to which about 73% employers think that studying abroad is a golden star for the junior-level employees.

Why would they think so? What is about studying abroad that makes them feel secure about hiring somebody?


Let us tell you.


Studying abroad is not a travel-and-living package packed in a degree giftwrap. Studying abroad is actually, truly a lesson- and everybody knows this. When you are studying abroad, living on your own, doing your own stuff, you -kind of- become somebody better than the average graduate graduating from any university back home.


Here is how:


You already have a work experience.


When you are studying there for a year or two or three, you just cannot afford to sit back and let your parents or bank pay for everything you do there. Almost every University abroad allows you to work while you study. You are expected to do that. Icing on the cake? You have a global experience.


You almost know it all about ‘Initiative’.


You become self-sufficient and independent. From the point of view of the employer, you are not going to drag your heels just about everywhere, expecting somebody to do your work for you. You will know how to take that extra step. You will develop problem-solving skills.


You know what you want.


When you have been on your own, you have known yourself. You will learn adaptation, you will learn to respect difference of opinion and lifestyle and -most importantly- you’ll be aware of your “true calling”, so to speak. You will know which field you want to pursue or if you want to start your own venture. And you will know how to run around for it all.


What makes a degree gained from abroad more valuable than the one gained in India?


  • A curriculum oriented towards practical application.
  • Research opportunities and facilities, along with the diversity of fields you can choose from.
  • A mind-boggling range and knowledge of upcoming international trends and career choices. Add to that, flexibility.
  • International exposure, of course.


Where will that leave you?

Return on investment would, probably, be something not many are familiar with. Let us clear that out, first.


All the money you invest in your education abroad- take it as an investment. If you have been hearing all those adverts on the T.V. then you might be aware that every investment promises a return. Same is the case with your education degree. All the years of hard work, all the important money is an investment and your career prospectus is the return you get. Here is where the degrees gained abroad score way above than the degrees gained in India.


How? Read on.


It is about the value of education.


Education in Canada, UK, Australia, etc. is valued worldwide. Education system of New Zealand has been hailed as “revolutionary”. In short, after you have studied abroad in such countries, the world is open to you.


It is about the money and the salary.


There are so many big-shots in the corporate India who studied abroad, worked there for a few years and came back to score enviable positions. Even more is the number of people who saved their dollars and pounds and came back to open their business ventures in India.


It is about the job search advantage.


Abroad, you have specific schemes open to fresh graduates- of jobs and internships, both. It is not like how it is here that a fresher would be clubbed with people who already have an experience.


The skills you pick up, the person you become while you are by your own would translate to an employee the employers would be much more comfortable working with. There are many more advantages of studying abroad. If you would like to know, we would love to tell. Feel free to contact us.



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