The Who and Why of Studying Abroad

It is not easy. Beyond the excitement of “travelling to a new land”, “going to meet the firangs” and “away from this country”, it is not a cake-walk to go abroad. The admissions process, financial requirements, visa hassles, arranging accommodations or worries about a job abroad are only the initial issues. Not to mention moving to a foreign country will be a tectonic shift in your emotions as well.


Scary? A little.


In a new country, everything is different. The way people deal with things, the pace with which life moves, rules and code of conduct is all different. The environment is different, the climate would be different. The duration of seasons, when the sun rises and sets, how the rain feels will be something alien. It is not your country, remember!! It will not be a culture you will be familiar with, no matter how much you have devoured it through Sherlock series or Friends or all the Hollywood movies. It will be their culture and their country and you will have to adapt. Sure, it may become home away from home but you may just need a gypsy-soul for that.


You will have to be flexible enough to shape your plans according to the kind of people would will be living with. Sometimes, it is better to have no plans at all. Even if that sounds too rash, you have to be able to bend, change, and erase your plans at a moment’s notice. That is how things roll; when you are away from the land you’ve been born and brought-up in. You will have to sit back and gauge, and then absorb the people and their mode of life.


Right. We are done being serious.


Who does not love having fun? Nobody. That’s who. And going abroad might just be your stairway to heaven. See, cultural shock has to be taken for granted. Just don’t belch on the dinner table and you should be fine.


You need to remember that you are not going as a tourist. You are going to live there for a while. You’re always nice out of home, aren’t you? Apply the same psychology when you go abroad. It would be a little helpful to delve into the details about your destination country but- for God’s sake- do not pick a travel brochure for that. Surf the web, read up about the history, economy and politics. Visit local blogs and do a bit of a personal research. It will help. Just try to be a little relaxed about your preferences, be a little non-judgmental. You will be in a whirlpool of many cultures, after all.


Why should you go and Study Abroad, really?

That becomes an obvious question, doesn’t it? The answer is equally obvious; for better quality education with top Universities. We do know where India stands on the global charts, don’t we? Not even IITs and IIMs are in the top 200 of the world. But education would not be a factor we are discussing here. Let us give you other reasons.

  • Become Independent and Responsible: When you will run around to get things happen, you will not only learn about how things work but also about how you work. When we do things apart from our routine, we discover ourselves. And this is not spiritual. This is hands-down practical. When you have to do your own stuff and not your Mummy or Papa, you become a master at jugaad. You will learn to own up to your actions. Allow yourself that opportunity. Most students who have studied abroad have come back with a transformed personality.


  • Meet People: Your accommodations, your classes, the streets and shops and restaurants will be filled with locals of a land you are unfamiliar with. You will find other students from other countries who will be feeling the same as you do; as half-aliens. See yourself adjusting among them all. Just watch yourself and be astonished. One of the biggest advantages of Studying Abroad is exposure to new cultures and people from diverse backgrounds.


  • Learn about a New Culture: There is so much in the world. So many types of people, dresses, languages and fashion. So much food! When you make friends or girlfriends or boyfriends, you will be befriending their culture as well. Let it flow in you. You will never again think about the things the same way you think about them right now.


  • Stand Apart from the Competition: We keep cribbing about it, don’t we? This ‘competition’. You know, it is not just about the qualifications anymore. It is about who you are. When you are out of your comfort zone; in a foreign land and trying to find new friends; you kind-of become a chameleon. You can do anything, be anything and learn quickly. That is something the employers look for, in their employees.


  • Networking: This is the era of international cooperation among governments and companies. We are the global generation and this is only going to expand. It will be too good to have friends and connections in different countries. Take something from them. Give something of your own. These connections might just be a great help, someday.


We, really, would like to tell you to be confident and take advantage of this beautiful opportunity to study abroad. Because it is beautiful! We have been there, done that. And we would like you to participate in the same. Taking risks is not always bad. Let us help you out with it.


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