What They Do Not Talk About A Management Degree.

What do you imagine when you imagine managers?

Sleek suits, a barrage of people around them taking orders from them, big cars with uniformed chauffers. Right? However, what becomes critical to know is that not all these managers and CEOs were born into such kind of money and luxury. All the charisma of their wealth and personality has not really been coded in their genes. Some of these managers and CEOs belong to humble backgrounds. Everybody has read their success stories and we are expecting somebody to have already said that a lot of these managers and CEOs were school/college drop-outs. True. But did their learning end?

A former CEO, Tom Northup said, “No great manager or leader ever fell from heaven, its learned not inherited.”

Simplistically saying- some of us get the concepts of things early on in life. Some of us need a little time and guidance to realize our full potential. Here is where a management college steps-in. Here is exactly where a degree in management becomes necessary.


So, what does that degree do, exactly? Let us break that down for you;

    1. It Gives You Comprehension: A management course helps you develop an overview of the business world, with a certain understanding. You develop competitive skills and, by the time you finish the course, you know somethings about adapting yourself to even the slightest of changes. “Early on I realized that I had to hire people smarter and more qualified than I was in a number of different fields…” Well, Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, said it. So, what comes with this “Comprehension”?


    1. It Makes You Hungry:  Sounds trivial? Think again. The basic thing that a management degree teaches- which is very important as well- is that you do not have a comfort zone. When you do not have a comfort zone, you cannot feel secure. When you cannot feel secure, you will rush to become indispensable. That, my friend, will help you evolve. Did Mr. Jobs not say, “Stay hungry”? Why?


    1. It Advances Your Career:  Insatiable is good. Very good, actually. When you want more, you will find ways of getting more. When you find ways, you succeed. No matter what parameter you want to use to measure “success”, you are going to fulfill the criteria. How does a management degree help here? It gives you enough sense to market yourself and your product. No product is a brand unless it is marketed well. You will know how to reach out to the people correctly, how to tell them exactly the things that will make them think twice. ““Careers are developed one conversation at a time – over time,” said Beverly Kaye. A few tricks of the trade wouldn’t harm, would they? Nope. Here’s why.


  1. You Get Your “Moolah”:  Let us not deny. We all love money. And, money is a by-product of a good career. We know that the average salary of a management graduate is more than an average graduate. Do not lose that edge. The best thing about a management degree is that it lays strong foundations of being a good employee. Amit Kalantari says, “Remember, before they promoted to the chair of CEO, they were the best employees of their companies.” We are reminded of Satya Nadella.


We have more of such philosophical notions about these, seemingly, hard-core practical concepts. Let us know if you fall in the same category. Ping us.


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