Techniques to avoid common mistakes while giving IELTS Exam


Mistakes are usually very common, especially in the IELTS examination. Even when you have full preparation for it, you can naturally make some common mistakes. In this test, every test is valuable for the aspirant. By having a low mark, you might lose your chances of migrating to an international country or studying abroad in a reputable institution. It will not help in the IELTS examination and cause you more stress and difficulty in the test preparation. Thus to ensure that you are the best prepared for IELTS and will not be making any silly error, you can enroll in any reputed institution for IELTS training in Pune. You can also follow up on this article to know and avoid those common mistakes in the examination hall that might cost you valuable points.

Poor Vocabulary and Spelling Errors

When you are completing the writing segment of the IELTS examination, it is vital to review the spelling. It is one of the most often made mistakes, which you can avoid by reviewing it further. If you are not sure about the spelling of a word, then try to avoid using it. Instead, you can implement a synonym. It is significant to remember different words, as the English language can be expressed with numerous words having the same meaning.

Now with spelling errors comes the trouble of poor vocabulary. You can solve this problem by writing and reading more and noting down the words. It will assist in knowing the spellings too. You should include outstanding stock words to succeed in this examination. Without this, you might face several challenges in reading, writing, speaking or listening tests.


The examiners of the IELTS tests are aware of the fact that you are an international aspirant. Since this is an exam to judge your English proficiency skill, the accent will not let you lose any points. However, you have to pronounce the words well. You have to make sure that in the speaking task, you are pronouncing the words clearly and loudly. The only way to handle the pronunciation problems is to go through more practice. You can also engage in a conversational practice with one of the native English speakers.

Transitional lack 

It is another common mistake that most people make is the lack of transitional words. These make the conversation look smooth and continue the flow. Transition words help the listener and readers to understand the idea and give a good connection to your previous sentence. Transition words ensure there is a proper structure to what you are saying, and there will be gaps in between your sentences.

Management of Time

It might be difficult to complete the IELTS test within the specified time frame. Thus proper management of time is critical when you will be taking the test. You should not spend more time answering one question and move onto the next one. It is significant to find out how much time you will require on every question. In this way, you might be able to find out how much time will be sufficient to answer all the questions. You might also answer the easier and shorter one first and attempt for the brainstorming ones at last. Remember, time is of immense importance in this IELTS examination.

Blank Answers

Do not leave any questions blank. If you are not confident of the answer, then write down something that will be as close to the correct answer. It will leave you a chance of getting some marks even when you are guessing. You will not lose any mark or have a negative marking for this. Who knows, you might even end up answering the correct one.

Wrapping it up 

We hope the above tips will be helpful to you while preparing for the IELTS examination. If you are not confident enough to start the preparation on your own, you can enroll in the reputed IELTS online coaching institution. They will help you with your IELTS preparation in Delhi and will give you the required tips and strategies to succeed in the examination.

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