Things to Carry when you move to Study Abroad

Nothing gives more joy than an approved study visa to an international applicant for overseas education. It is then when the student really gets working on their pre-departure processes. One of the most important things to take care of when moving to Study abroad is to know what to carry and what not. It is not a good feeling to realize that you have missed something, or brought something you never needed or carried something you are not allowed to carry. It’s not just like moving from one city to another when you can travel back and forth any time you want. This transition is from one country to a whole new one. Thus bringing all the necessary things is of utmost importance as you start a new life in a way at your study destination. Our experienced Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi have put together a list of essential things that are a must to carry with you while packing for your journey to Study Abroad

1. Make your own checklist or ask for one from your Study Abroad Consultant

It is the proven fact that checklists help you to be on track with everything you need. One should start making a checklist of things they need to carry with them as early as possible, as you might not have everything ready and may need to purchase many new things. The checklist helps not missing out on any such thing and also you can add stuff to at which you may think of at any point of time. This is also gives you an idea of how to manage your luggage and carry the kind of bags which help you hold your belongings. Most Overseas Education Consultants in Pune or Delhi would provide you with a ready checklist

2. Clothes to carry when planning to Study Abroad

It is important that one studies about the countries weather where they will be going for their studies; this will help you pack the exact kind of clothes you may need once you reach there. It is advised that the regular clothes are also packed along with a few jackets, a bathing suit, innerwear, and some nice and comfortable pair of shoes which can be worn on a regular basis. If you are a gym loving person, you might as well pack a few gym-training clothes also. Always pack one formal business suit which you may require to wear for job interviews, college presentations and other formal events. Make sure to pick out some very comfortable travel clothes for your flight, as it may be a long one. Don’t hesitate to ask more details from your study abroad consultants.

3. Medicines and Toiletries

Carrying your own personal care products like toothpaste and toothbrush, shower gel, shampoos, razors, deodorants and medicines from your home country is very essential as you may or may not get everything or maybe the same brand or product in the other country. You can always purchase new products once you live there, however for the initial days, it is better to carry your essentials and medications along with you, so that you have sufficient stuff until you find a place that provides the supplies for your needs.

4. Electronics

Electronic devices like mobile phones, laptop, iPad and iPod are very essential.  Make sure to pack them very carefully along with their chargers in a bad where can handy while traveling. It is also advised to carry a few power outlets, adapters and convertors as in case the once in your new country may be different. You overseas education consultants should be in a position to advise you on the types of convertors required.

5. Other Essentials

There can be a long list of what can be taken along with you and what not as you pack away almost your life while you plan to go abroad. Along with the important list mentioned above, there can be a few more things that may want to take along with you like a backpack, a dictionary to understand the local language, a handful of currency for the first initial days, padlock for extra security. If you are going to stay with a family there, it is a good gesture to bring them some nice gifts from your country and culture.

6. Important documents

it is very important that you take loads of copies of your passport and other documents as you may need to provide them at certain checkpoints. A copy of your passport, your student visa, identity documents, university offer letter, health insurances, tickets, boarding pass, flight travel details, medical prescriptions from the doctor; all these things should be carried in a bag that you will be keeping with you all the time and are easily accessible when required.

It may be a good thing to talk to your study abroad consultants once before you start with your preparations, as they may guide you properly with what all things is to be done. It is advised that you carry most of the things from your home country as it can help you save some amount initially in the country when you are settling in and meanwhile you may find places where you get your essentials. To keep your luggage from getting misplaced, put a big sized name tag on all your luggage and bags, and keep a count of how much are you carrying so that everything is on track.

Your Overseas Education consultant may give you more insights on planning your luggage packing more effectively to help you pack for your journey efficiently.

As a Study Abroad consultant in Pune and Delhi, we are helping students with everything from University Shortlisting to pre-departure & post-departure services. We conduct a detailed pre-departure briefing for all our students, give them a proper packing list and guidelines on everything they need to do before they board their flight.  So Study Smart Overseas Education is a one-stop solution for a student planning to Study Abroad.

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