Tips For Cracking The PTE Exam

The PTE Test is called The Pearson Test of English and it is a major English Language proficiency test that assesses the candidate on four basic parameters. These four parameters are reading, writing, listening and speaking. This Test takes 2 hours and is a secure computer based examination for students. There are a set of 20 questions for you to answer. Some of these questions may test two different skills at the same time. In order to attain high marks, you should improve your scoring abilities with good preparation. This plays an instrumental role in cracking the Examination.

Practical And Quick PTE Preparation Tips

Given below are simple tips for you to follow-

  • Divide time equally- Make sure you devote time to each of the four parameters irrespective of how strong or weak you might be in them. If you believe your speaking abilities are far better over your writing abilities, it is important for you to give equal importance to both when you are preparing for the examination.
  • Practice makes you perfect- You get PTE sample papers to make you well-versed with the pattern and type of questions generally asked. It is an advantage if you know the questioning pattern of the test before you appear for it. It is crucial for you to practice these papers and devote time to study the test papers of the previous years. Practice them as much as you can before the test.
  • Check the prescribed books for the test- Pearson organizes the PTE. It is a media company based in London. Every year, this Company prescribes books for the test so that you can gain knowledge on every parameter. Going through these text- books will boost your confidence tremendously.
  • Talk to ex students- Talking to ex students who have appeared for the Test helps. They will give you some tips on how to study and prepare for the examination. They have already appeared for the test and you can get a precise insight on the issues that students might face while sitting for the test.
  • Be alert during the listening tests- Students close their eyes mostly during the PTE listening tests as they take them for granted. You should never do this mistake. Always remember that the listening test can actually help you score good marks too. It is crucial for you to understand what is being said over prediction.

The above are just some practical and simple tips for you to know for the PTE test preparations. They will help you prepare for the test in a easy manner. Always understand the competition you will be facing and ensure you take help from trained and qualified PTE trainers always.


The following YouTube link will give you a precise insight on how to study for your PTE examinations-


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