Tips on how to prepare for IELTS during COVID 19

Do not let the terror of COVID-19 affect your IELTS Test preparation plan at home. There are different ways to make sure that you are fully prepared to crack the IELTS Exam. In this process, we will share some of the essential IELTS Preparation tips in this troublesome time. It is important you do not risk your safety and at the same time not compromise on the quality of IELTS Training online or offline.


Set out a realistic and achievable goal for yourself and do not go for the shortcuts. Do not expect to enhance your level within one night. Like each skill, becoming proficient in the language takes plenty of effort and time. Just focus on the overall syllabus and do not become frustrated while studying. Below are those tips with which you will be able to confidently crack this difficult examination with ease.

 1.Tips for IELTS Listening Section 


Between each question in the IELTS exams, you will be given enough time to carefully read the questions. Always make sure that your answers contain the correct number of words. If the question demands three or four words, your answer should be finished within those words only. There are some useful strategies for creating a listening routine. They are stated as below.


  • Try to listen to something unique every day. For instance, listen to Podcasts on a Monday, on Tuesday, listen to a new for 15 minutes, while on Wednesday, play a song.


  • Try to listen to something that might interest you.


  • Listen to various dialects and accents from many sources like that will help you understand spoken English from across the globe.


  • Always select listening audios, which you can understand properly. TED talks are one of the most efficient ways to practice it.


  • Plan the activities during the most productive time of the day and strike them off once they are accomplished.


  • Taking notes while listening to the materials helps discover later which clues or expressions have helped you recognize the message.


  • You can also call up your friend and talk to him/ her for a specific time.




2. Tips for IELTS Reading Section


The most valuable tip for the preparation of IELTS is the way you write. If the examiner cannot understand your writing, then there will be no marks. After completing the answers that you know, go through the paper to answer those questions which are still not answered by you. You need to familiarize with the examination style and how each part is taking time to answer.


In IELTS practice test reading, you require skills to answer every type of answer that might come in the examination. You need to spend almost 30 to 40 minutes, reading texts like newspapers, textbooks, blogs, articles, etc. Increase the stock of your vocabulary by looking up the words in the dictionary. Set out time and try to read IELTS reading material with speed. You also need to understand the context while reading it. The question format that comes in the IELTS is as follows.


  • Short questions
  • Table, summary, Notes, flow chart, diagram, and form completion questions
  • Classification questions
  • Heading selection
  • Diagram labeling with numbered parts
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Sentence completion
  • True, false, no or yes questions
  • Match the column
  • Identification and scanning of the location information



3. Tips for IELTS Writing Section


The writing section for IELTS comprises two sections. The first one is the letter writing for IELTS general training and report writing for IELTS academic section. The second one is essay writing common in both. With more practice tests, spelling, grammar, and punctuation, your skills will sharpen, and you will get familiarized with the frequent essay topics.



4. Tips for IELTS Speaking Section


The most important tips on how to prepare for IELTS at home are to improve your face-to-face communication. Only good practice can enhance your speaking skills for IELTS Exam. You can take the help of your friends who are fluent in this language. You can also answer the sample questions from the practice materials.



Final Thoughts


International English Language Testing System or IELTS will score you based on your English Language skills on all four modules. The four modules are writing, speaking, listening, and reading. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will help you to prepare for IELTS Exam in this pandemic situation.


How Study Smart’s Online IELTS Course can help you in this pandemic Situation?


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