Tips to Boost Your Online IELTS Preparation


IELTS or International English Language Testing System, grades the English language skills based on four fundamental aspects like writing, speaking, listening, and reading. In most cases, online IELTS Preparation means hours of reading and sitting. But in this article, we will share some best tips to boost the online preparation for IELTS. These below steps will assist in preparing you for the exam and also ace it.

Read and Read more 

It will be best if you have an incredible English to English dictionary to find out the meanings of the unfamiliar words. However, the following checklist will help you in the process.

  • Ensure, you know what it requires in every reading task
  • Scam and skim the text to create a general picture
  • Follow all the instructions carefully
  • Remember to find out the primary vocabulary in the text
  • Work on the text organization
  • Do not check the dictionary until you complete all the task to check the answers
  • Read English newspaper in the morning

Study the Vocabulary

The teachers ask the students to put proper words into the context as quickly as possible. They can do this by reading the text often. The more new words you are exposed to, the better will be your vocabulary. While reading, pay close attention to the new terms and underline or highlight them with a marker. Try to figure their actual meanings from the supportive context.

Then check up for the actual meanings in the dictionary. Listen to the challenging materials like English news so that you can encounter many new words. Once you have learned the new word along with its meaning, try to practice using it in different sentences. Implementing new words will help you understand the language fluently. You can practice the vocabulary in the following ways.

  • Record phrases and expressions to use in different academic contexts
  • Use a monolingual dictionary to check out the proper arrangement of the words
  • Record meaningful and useful expressions related to any topic
  • Do not implement too many complicated words
  • Practice writing and talking in English
  • Read magazines, newspapers, and websites to learn more 

Improve your writing skills

Recording of words is a consistent part of the preparation for the IELTS test. Compose a sentence and a definition, using a word to check it later for future reference. For example, the term “immense” means tremendous which has a comparable meaning to the words enormous, colossal, and expansive. Below are some of the tips to improve your writing skills for the IELTS exam.

  • Practice writing with time to enhance your speed
  • Task 2 writing exam of IELTS includes more marks and is longer, so leave sufficient time for it
  • Do not finish the answers below the minimum word limit
  • Analyze the questions carefully before answering
  • Leave extra time to edit the answers
  • Check if you correctly answered all the parts or not

Practicing Listening Skills

You can upgrade your English listening skills by paying attention to the news and write the headlines down to analyze it later for yourself. The below tips will help you prepare for the listening module of IELTS.

  • Use the preparation time to focus on the content
  • After answering the questions, listen again and find out the errors
  • In the exam, you can hear the recording only once, so remember not to pause the recording during practice

Exercise Pronunciation and Fluency

The speaking segment consists of three parts of a brief introduction, structured interview, and frees to talk. Consistent practice is the primary key to success in this segment of IELTS. To improve pronunciation and fluency the below tips will help you.

  • Practice talking to a friend for at least 10 min regularly
  • Record your speech while speaking
  • Talk loud in English whenever possible with new phrases

Wrapping it Up

The tips mentioned above will surely assist you to be ready for the IELTS exam. However, your success in the test will depend on your practice and commitment. A combination of these two, along with hard work, will offer you a splendid chance of achieving the desired results in the examination. You can contact best online IELTS coaching institute for more tips and tricks.

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