Top 3 Study abroad Destination for Students after Covid 19

The Corona Virus Pandemic has left everyone hanging about their decision of the near future. The most confusing of all has been for the students who are willing to go abroad for their higher education and start their career. However due to the lockdown situation all over, the students are in a dilemma of what is to be done next. The confusion of to go or not to go has been playing in the people’s mind for a very long time.

However, as the world is recovering from this crisis, the students have started to get clarity of what should they be doing regarding their study abroad plans. The Universities around the globe have been going out of their ways and taking necessary actions to ensure students safety and also making sure to be welcoming new student to help them continue with their dreams. In these difficult times, the way the academic institutions and universities have come together to the student’s aid is commendable. There have also been some good some on the same front by a few countries that are almost on the verge of full recovery and start afresh.

  1. 1. New ZealandNew Zealand is the 1st country to officially declare themselves COVID FREE last week. Adding to the fact, of being a popular study destination for International students, the country is all set to welcome the international students for their higher education and help build their career. The defeat of Corona Virus in New Zealand has definitely caught the eye of Indian students and there has been an increase in the number of students planning to apply for New Zealand Universities. As the Country was under strict lockdown for weeks, the numbers of cases were relatively low, and with right measures and implications the country if now fully recovered and has begun their functionality in a step wise format.
  2. 2. AustraliaAustralia has been surprisingly amazing in handling the COVID-19 crisis having the proper actions taken on time; the county has had a very low number of cases as compare to any other country and also a speedy and higher recovery rate. With the number of cases being at the lowest in the last few days in the country, the universities are looking forward to accept the international students coming in this year for the July intake. The country has been taking a lot of crucial and necessary actions to bring back their international student so that their academics are not hampered and they can carry on with their studies.
  3. 3. United KingdomThe interest of International students to go to UK for their higher education has seen a tremendous increase in the past few months after the country reintroduced their 2 year PSW. The universities were very prompt in taking necessary actions as soon as the crisis seemed to be threatening and provided proper aid to the international students while ensuring their safety. Many Universities are looking forward to opening their gates for this year’s intake subject to the essential health measures being taken. Not only that, but NHS has been providing free COVID-19 tests to all its international students and the universities have been conducting the classes online ensuring that the academics are not hampered by any means.

How can Study Smart Help?

Study Smart Overseas Education and IELTS coaching is a certified and premier Overseas Education Consultants located in Pune, Delhi, Thane and Surat. We provide various services to students looking to Study Abroad.

Counseling and guidance for students looking to Study Abroad ?

We render guidance and assistance to the students for their applications and admission procedures for abroad education, starting with profiling, helping students in selecting the right course, country and universities suitable for their profile followed by the application process and getting the offer letter of admission. Furthermore, we also assist the students in decision making to finalize the country and the university where they would like to pursue their higher education. We extend our support for the Visa application process along with pre and post departure support. With our presence in Auckland as well as London where we have our student support offices, the students can reach out to us whenever they require any help or assistance while being in a different country. We provide all our services for admission to many Top Ranked Universities in Australia., UK and New Zealand. We understand you may have queries and concerns regards to moving to a different country. Our Study Abroad Consultants have either Studied or worked overseas. You can reach out to our skilled team of Study Abroad team of consultants in our Pune, Delhi, Thane, or Surat for any guidance or assistance needed. Our student-oriented and friendly team of Study Overseas Consultants would happily assist you on the entire process along with the financials included and scholarships available in universities in Australia, UK, New Zealand or any other country you may be interested for and will also help you with accommodations available. In short, you can rely on our team for accurate and relevant information when it comes to studying in top universities.

IELTS COACHING for Students looking to Study Abroad?

We offer ONLINE as well as classroom coaching for IELTS Test preparation as it is the essential proficiency test to enter into any country and also one of the entry requirements of studying overseas. The LIVE ONLINE IELTS Coaching offered is at par with the classroom training with advanced training tools and equipments to teach with. The students get the experience same as that of classroom with the LIVE ONLINE module for Online IELTS Coaching where they can have an interactive session with the faculty and fellow students during the lectures. We have considered every aspect of the IELTS exam while designing our LIVE ONLINE IELTS Classes. Our Online IELTS Coaching includes live interactive sessions, recorded videos of the lectures for student’s reference, online Student portal with more than 200 lessons and quizzes for self preparation covering each and every topic of IELTS, tips & tricks, informatory videos, self evaluating module-wise mock test and full length mock test.

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