Top 5 Best Preparation Books for IELTS

Top 5 Best Preparation Books for IELTS

IELTS preparation in Delhi can become a bit overwhelming at various times, but it does not need to be so. If you include willingness, determination, and patience for learning, you will perform well in the examination.

You must remember that preparation is the only key when pursuing a high band score on the IELTS test. IELTS preparation Books are the primary resource that will help you to succeed in this examination. They will also help you to understand the required material included in the exam, get a high score, and be different in the crowd.

But with so many book alternatives present in the market, you might get confused. Thus, we have compiled a list of the top 5 IELTS books for the preparation. Let us have a close look into each of them below.

  1. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

Unlike other books for the IELTS preparation, this book caters to both general and academic training. It offers tips and suggestions depending on the experience of the previous students who have taken the test. It also includes clear explanations on how to get the desired scores.

You might sharpen the knowledge with 8 of its official practical tests and step-by-step instructions for every segment. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS also comes with audio for all practice tests and listening exercises.

  1. Official IELTS practice materials

This book is written by the authorized IELTS partners and explains how every segment of the IELTS examination is available and offers valuable studying tricks and strategies.

Aspirants can get practice tests that will cover all the general and academic training sessions, tape scripts, examiner feedback, answer sheets, and many more.

Official IELTS practice materials are not only for the students but are also helpful for the teachers, who assist the student in sitting for the IELTS test.

  1. Barron’s IELTS Superpack

The Barron’s IELTS super pack will combine all the significant IELTS preparation Books for the examination into a single package. That is why it includes the name super pack. This set consists of four books, including:

  • IELTS Practice Exams with MPS CD

It consists of 6 General training and six academic module practice tests with explanations for the answers. The students can also access DC and online audio materials.

  • Essential Words for the IELTS

This segment will help you to extend your vocabulary by learning the 600 words that will appear most frequently on the IELTS examination and get available to CD and online audio.

  • Barron’s IELTS

This portion contains two general training and four academic module practice exams. This CD also includes online audio tracks and a review of the comprehensive subjects.

  • IELTS Tips and Strategies with MP3 CD

Get to know the expert tips and tricks for answering all the questions in the IELTS test effortlessly. You can also avail the materials on the CD or online.

  1. Cambridge 14 IELTS Academic Student book from Cambridge

This IELTS book includes genuine 4 test papers from the Assessment English Department of Cambridge. The benefit of this IELTS preparation book is that they are more like an examination.

Besides, to accomplish these four tests for the academic candidates, there will also be an introduction to all the overall scoring systems and the modules.

It also includes the comprehensive answer sections. Like other IELTS books, students can also have access to downloadable listening materials.

  1. Road to IELTS

Road to IELTS is not technically a book but an interactive online course that provides various tutorial videos, mock papers, and other exercises. It is present in three forms which are:

  • Last minute is a free version for those who will register for the IELTS examination via British Council and include nine videos with tutorials and advice. It consists of two practice tests for four different skills and 100 interactive activities.
  • You can download the free practice papers for the test to get an overall view of the examination.
  • The complete version of this book includes everything that you will require to get ready for the IELTS. It will offer you a detailed online course outline with more than nine practice exams and 300 activities. This version also offers expert tutorial videos and a detailed evaluation, depending on the test results of the practice examination.


At the end of this write up we can suggest working with the best tutor for the IELTS Coaching in Delhi to get ready for the speaking and writing portion of the IELTS test.

She will offer you the best guidance, which is absent in the book. Do not forget that practice will make you perfect for the IELTS examination.

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