Top Reasons To Study Abroad In Ireland

Ireland is one of the best international study destinations in the world. You are able to receive quality education from this region and there are a host of factors that make Ireland a widely sought after foreign study locale of the world. As an international student here you have the freedom to choose over  globally recognized courses here. Ireland is also known for its world class facilities and you also get unique job opportunities here as well.


Today there are about 35000 international students from over 161 nations studying in Ireland. Ireland is the one of the safest and friendliest education destinations across the globe.

Reasons to study in Ireland 

  • Friendly & Safe: Lonely Planet has stated that Ireland is the friendliest nation in the world. This of course makes it the ideal place for quality and safe education.
  • Peaceful & welcoming: Ireland has been ranked as the “ 13th Most Peaceful Place on Earth” by the Global Peace Index in 2014. Irish people are best known for their warm hospitality and staying with an Irish family as a guest is a memorable experience you would never forget.
  • English Speaking Environment: Ireland is the only English speaking nation in the Eurozone. Therefore, if you are from an English speaking nation or can speak in English, Ireland will never pose problems to you at all. You may conveniently enrol in any  of the top colleges in Ireland without hassle.International students who know English will never face communication barriers here. Moreover, major companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia and SAP are making English their official language. This means the moment you step in here, you will face no dearth of employment opportunities at all.
  • Diverse Choice of Courses: You have the option to opt for over 5000 globally recognized courses. Choose a world class course in technology, science, law and engineering.
  • Rich Culture: Ireland is proud of its rich culture. As a nation, it is very unique and creative. The nation is rich in scenic beauty. This means when you are not studying, you can always take a refreshing break and stroll across this beautiful nation.
  • Bright Career Prospects: Ireland is a nation where there are unique work opportunities. Once you have completed your studies in Ireland, you will get the chance to work as an intern in a good multi-national company.

Therefore, if you wish to study in Ireland, it is prudent to take the aid of trusted and credible study abroad consultants for Ireland in your country. These professionals will assist you in admission formalities to top colleges and universities in Ireland.

Study Smart-Foreign Education Consultants In Pune & Delhi

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