Top Reasons To Study In Ireland

Are you planning to go abroad to pursue higher studies? If yes, choose Ireland as your study destination! You may be wondering as to what Ireland has in store for you when you decide to leave your home and venture into this new land. This post will give you an insight on the top reasons to study in Ireland to kick-start a global career…read on!

Ireland is known for publishing a landmark International Educational Strategy from 2010-2015. This had been done with the objective of creating international brand ambassadors among nations for Ireland. Ireland is wise enough to come up with the plan that it does make sense to invest in international students from across the globe. Here are some interesting facts about Ireland-

  • Ireland has plans to take in at least 25,500 students in the next few years for its globally recognized full-time academic courses
  • Education institutions that meet the prescribed criteria are awarded with a Statutory Code of Practice and Quality Mark.
  • This Quality Mark will be deployed by State Authorities for the purposes of immigration, visa, access to the job market and promotions.
  • Ireland has plans to fast track its degree programme visas. The maximum duration an international student can stay in the nation for completion of courses is 7 years. During this time, students are also accountable for effectively managing their studies.
  • Those who complete their Bachelors degree (Honours) are permitted to stay in the nation till one year for developing business ideas or gaining relevant job experience.
  • Therefore, opting for Ireland as your next study destination is indeed a wise and prudent choice. The nation has a rich educational tradition and is one of the most welcoming study abroad destinations in the globe.

More reasons to pack your bags and study in Ireland

  • It is an English speaking nation in the European Union
  • Masters Degree here takes just one year- it is a short duration degree
  • Rich tradition of providing top quality education
  • Approximately 10% of its total population is foreign nationals. There are around 1500 Indian students studying in the country. Its society is friendly and multi-cultural.
  • It is just nine hours away from India by flight and the gateway to Europe
  • It houses over 1000 MNCs that have their back office operations in Ireland
  • It is the hub of science and technology. The Technology & Innovation (SSTI), The Strategy for Science and The National Development Plan (NDP) have invested a €8.2 billion during the period 2006-2013 for research and development.
  • You have great job opportunities here and the chances of getting permanent residency
  • It is a vibrant nation with most of its population under the age of 25 years. In fact, 40% of its population is young.

Before you migrate to the nation, it is important to always consult credible abroad consultants for Ireland in your home town.

Interested to Study In Ireland?

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