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“To the Stars”, “Fair Play”

Ambition and responsibilities are made clear by the University College of Dublin (UCD) in their motto itself. Ireland’s largest and the most diverse university is home to more than 30,000 students from all over the world. Its dynamic research-intensive approach makes it one of Europe’s leading universities. Situated near the vibrant capital city of Dublin, UCD has five colleges, many associated schools, and eighteen research institutes and centers.



Dublin, itself, is reason enough to just go right ahead and study here. The dynamic city that has produced most Nobel Laureates than any other city in the world, is youthful and has a strong blend of history and culture. Great restaurants and music venues are just some of the things to keep you entertained while you study in Dublin.


And, if you ask about UCD alumni, you will find such an array of personalities that it can make the head spin! From Prime Ministers to politicians and Hollywood actors, this college has produced all.





Valid question. Here are the reasons why we recommend the University.


Academic reasons to choose the University;

–  You have the widest range of Honors degrees.
–  You are taught and guided by a faculty compiled of some of Europe’s leading experts.
–  The library is so extensive that learning is right on your fingertips, in a browsing catalogue.
–  The diversified student culture, with students from many different countries, is helped by the University in every way; from health to welfare via counseling.
–  Assessment is fun. You are assessed by the campus work you do, class tests you take and the traditional written tests. It is more like real life working, really.
–  Your personal efforts put in, to complete your assignments, will be equally valued as the quality of your work.
–  The Horizons curriculum, which completely semesterized and modularized all undergraduate programs, offers a greater choice in what exactly they study in their program.


Extra-curricular reasons;


All work and no play make you dull. Studies should not be a burden to bear. You need space to get away from the classroom and unwind, don’t you? Here is where UCD scores as well.


–  You can learn the martial arts! UCD has options for learning about ten forms of these arts. Martial arts not only teach you how to protect yourselves, they also help you get your body in sync. And, hey, practical street defense is always a handy skill.
–  You do not like the “hoo-haa”? No worries. There are 60 sports clubs at UCD, natural grass pitches, athletic tracks and even the National Hockey Stadium of Ireland. In the UCD Bowl Stadium, go play rugby and soccer.
–  Not into sports at all? Join the UCD Dram-Soc and learn every aspect of theater performance; from on-stage to directing. The society is very active and dynamic.
–  There are 50 Student Societies at UCD for students with diverse interests; from social and political to lifestyle groups and charities. Some of the societies mix the social and professional efforts with fundraising and charity.





There are opportunities to go to other countries as well.


–  UCD has exchange agreements with 300 other Universities in Europe or across the world.
–  UCDVO provides opportunities for students to volunteer in developing countries.
–  The UC21 network provides many exciting travel opportunities in garb of research prospects.
–  Erasmus work placements provide funding for students undertaking work experience in Europe.


The University should be such that prepares you for life and offers opportunities to begin your career well. At UCD, we do think that you get this and more. For more information about the University you can visit


If you wish to Study in Ireland and apply for the upcoming intake for this University, you can contact Study Smart and our expert overseas education counsellors will guide you with the application and visa process.

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