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There is a city, in the heart of UK, which is the second largest employer in the country; outside London. The city is a major center for banking, finance, law, retail and media. The city is called Leeds and houses one of the most popular universities, a favorite of international students going to the UK- the Leeds Metropolitan University.
The origins of this university can be traced to the year 1824. This accounts for the fact that they have a hundred years of experience in teaching. Read quality teaching. There is a city campus, with many buildings housing many faculties. Another of their campus is in a Leeds suburb, Headingley.


There are more than 27,000 students in the university- of which around 2,000 are international students. The number of staff comes up to about 3,000. The University has a number of sporting and cultural partnerships in UK and overseas.


The university has been ranked first for language support, accommodation quality and learning spaces in the UK. It ranks second for student satisfaction and visa advice. Third for campus buildings. What more? The university is among the Top 100 of the world.



What is it like to be a student at Leeds?

Well, the experience is going to be diverse. The city, itself, offers such a diverse array of local attractions. Every corner of the city is capable of being the center of so many memories you will weave while being there. The shops are too many and too awesome. The nightlife is vibrant and thrumming with young minds from all over the world. The music scene is booming, to say the least.


Back at the campus, it is a state-of-the-art world. You have amazing accommodations, great learning sources- their library is open 24/7/365! For students studying far, far away from home, you are in some capable support-services-hands. Well, the Students’ Union runs two bars as well.



So… Why study abroad at the Leeds Met.?



Leeds, probably, has one of the best night-life for students in UK. The people are quite friendly and it is, simply, a great city to live in. There are more than 80,000 students in Leeds. The bars, clubs and pubs are made to suit all genres and budgets. For music buffs, some big names come to perform there and the local music scene is not bad either. Shoppers, this is the place that will generate all your guilty confessions. And, well, foodies… Welcome home!


Teaching Standards:

In 2012, in the National Student Survey, 85% of final year students reported that they were satisfied with their experience at Leeds Met. The institution carries QAA Quality Mark for all its courses, with many courses accredited by professional bodies.


The Enterprise:

As an enterprise, the university contributes 420m GBP to the regional economy. They have strong connections at all the right places- from city councils and CBI to a range of employers. They support more than 150 start-up businesses. Without a doubt, they support student placements, internships and employability.



Their courses are designed to focus upon the employability of their students. When you graduate, you will have attributes of being enterprising, digitally literate and have a global outlook.


There, still, remain loads of reasons why you should be a part of the 15th largest student body in Britain. To know those, feel free to ping us anytime.



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