Which IELTS coaching to choose – Classroom or Online?

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Before Enrolling in an IELTS Classes in Surat, there is always a doubt whether to go for physical or online coaching training. If you are also a student who is preparing for the IELTS examination, want to enroll in a professional IELTS Institute in Delhi, and have this dilemma, then this article is perfect for you. In this section, we have analyzed both the coaching class types, based on the below factors for concluding with you.

Feedback Process 

In any IELTS coaching institute, the teacher does not have the required time for giving customized feedback to every student. They have to look after many students, and thus the feedback process is somehow compromised due to the available minimum time with the teacher. On the contrary, online IELTS training offers an individual feedback system that assists them to boost their band score in the test. The tutor offers minute details in the feedback sessions that help the candidates to know what their shortcomings are and begin working on them.

Doubt Clearance Sessions

It is the most significant factor as clearing of doubts is the only way through which you can have the best day of the exam. In physical coaching classes, you will hardly get any time to resolve the doubts. If you get time resolving one doubt, others remain unattended. Some students are shy enough to ask questions in front of everyone. But in the IELTS Online Course, you are free to ask the required questions not only after or during the class. The online coaching institutes offer all-time support through email as well.

Size of the Class

The classroom environment is exceptionally significant for learning anything about a student’s group. In physical coaching centers, the class size may vary between 15 to 18 students, which might increase if there is a large classroom. In these situations, it becomes impossible for the teacher to provide full attention to every student. On the other hand, the online coaching class trains the students with one-to-one attention from the teachers. It does not involve the interference of other students and helps you in achieving the target scores.

Training Methods

In a group of students, the trainer offers general tips to all the candidates. But the primary problem that the students face in this physical coaching class is that these general strategies might not work for all. Since every student is different, he/she might perform well only through some special tips given to them based on the way of understanding and learning. For instance, a classroom trainer advises a minimum of 10 students for underlining the primary keywords in the practice reading examination. Some might not understand the meaning of all the keywords or which keywords to underline. Online coaching classes come with the advantage of customized training according to the requirements. In the IELTS test, all the aspirants have to perform individually, the aspect which is available only in the online training.


Online IELTS training in thane helps you to attend the coaching sessions according to the students’ preferred time from the comfort of their home. It helps to save a lot of time for the candidates who are working or studying for a full-time course. They do not have to rush anywhere to attend the classes. On the other hand, in physical coaching centers, you need to travel every day to the classes irrespective of the hectic schedules. It hinders their efficiency level and comfortability for studying. You require only an internet connection, Zoom or Google Duo, and a laptop/PC or mobile phone for attending the online classes.

Wrapping it Up 

The ultimate benefit that you should incur as a student is a high band score. Online IELTS training helps you to pursue exemplary scores without failure. Now that you have known all the chief differences between classroom and online classes, you can yourself decide which one is most suitable for you to select.


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