Why IELTS Is Better Than TOEFL

Why IELTS Is Better Than TOEFL

Students often debate on whether to go in for IELTS or TOEFL when they are applying for admission to a foreign nation for work or studies. Both IELTS and TOEFL are standardized English language tests that are conducted by nations where English is the first language. Every year students from across the world prepare diligently for scoring high in these two tests. However, there is much confusion and debate among TOEFL and IELTS as tests. Many do not even know that IELTS is better than TOEFL as it opens the door to unlimited opportunities-let us see how:

  • IELTS is recognised in UK– TOEFL is no longer recognised by the home government in the UK as a secure English language testing system. It is prudent to opt for IELTS or Pearson’s test of English if you have targeted UK as your study or work destination.
  • IELTS is shorter– Yes, both these English language tests are divided into four sections however the IELTS Examination is shorter. TOEFL takes 4 hours and IELTS just takes 2 hours.
  • IELTS is more practical– Look at the TOEFL question pattern- its reading section is a multiple choice one. IELTS, on the other hand, is more feasible. There are 15 question types that include true/false, short answers, summary and multiple- choice. This means when you appear and pass the IELTS Examination you get better realistic practical experience!
  • IELTS scores better at listening– The listening section of the TOEFL Examination lasts for about 40 to 60 minutes. The situations revolve around university life primarily. However, if you look at TOEFL, you will find that the situations centre around an application for something, an informational lecture, conversation between two people in an academic context and an educational lecture.
  • IELTS better at speaking– The speaking section of the TOEFL Examination lasts for 20 minutes and you converse with a computer. The conversation is recorded and later sent to the examiner for evaluation. The speaking section of the IELTS Examination lasts for 12 to 15 minutes but you are in a real conversation with a deputed examiner.
  • IELTS makes you a better writer– TOEFL has a writing section that lasts for 50 minutes divided into 2 questions. They need to by typed into a computer. The IELTS Examination has two assignments and they last for 1 hour. The examinations are real as you do not have a computer to answer questions. They need to be handwritten!

Therefore, the final verdict from the above is evident- the IELTS Examination is a more varied test that renders you with practical skills that will help you to study or work in an English speaking nation. It is important for you to enrol in the best IELTS coaching in your nation for getting the best results!

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