Why Study In London, UK?

Many students flock to London every year to pursue higher education there. The reasons are obvious- London has some of the best educational institutions across the world. When you study in London, you earn a degree or diploma that are recognized and respected by all the nations in the world. Some of the notable personalities that have studied in London are Bill Clinton, Desmond Tutu, Imran Khan, Thabo Mbeki etc. The top universities in UK face the pressure of maintaining strict academic criteria making them the best across the globe. Many nations are following suit and so this makes London one of the top study destinations in the world today!


An educational degree or diploma from London will give you a competitive edge in the career market across the globe. Employees will know that you are equipped with independent thought and are creative. You are able to make significant contribution to the organization thanks to your educational training. If you have dreamt of post- graduate education, a degree or diploma from London is a boon. The post- graduate educational institute will know that you have gained the research training skills necessary for excellence in the field!


You may be wondering what entrance examination you would need to appear for when you have set your eyes on top colleges in UK. The IELTS Examination is a must for under-graduate and post graduate courses. You may appear for the GMAT for MBA and MSC programs. For Medical or Dentistry, you need UKCAT and for law you have to pass the LNAT. The intakes for London primarily take place in September and January. However, some universities and colleges also have sessions for April, June, July, August and November.


The moment you step into the UK, you get a wide range of academic programs to opt for in Law, Finance, Marketing, Journalism, Architecture, Media, Fashion Designing and more. The top universities in London are – The University of London, City University London and Imperial College London. You need 40 points for the Visa Process. The top universities in UK provide you a host of scholarships and financial aid. You also have a number of external scholarships available for higher studies in UK.


Get Ready To Study In UK!

Study overseas in UK is a thrilling experience. It houses some of the top academic institutions in the world. The colleges in UK are friendly and welcome the international student with open arms!


It is wise and prudent for you to take the guidance and advice of certified Study Abroad Consultants for UK before you leave. This will prepare you for what lies ahead. You also will receive the courage and confidence to leave your homeland and settle in the nation alone for the first time as a student!

Foreign Education Consultants In Pune & Delhi- Study Smart 

Study Smart is an ENZ certified foreign educational consultancy firm with offices in Delhi, Pune, Guragon, London and Auckland. The overseas education consultants for UK here are student friendly and experienced. They provide you genuine and accurate guidance when it comes to admissions to the top universities in UK.


These skilled study overseas consultants have helped many students in Delhi and now they are assisting students in Pune to embark on a successful foreign education career. These foreign education consultants in Pune & Delhi will give you personalized information and guidance. They will help you with financial aid and scholarships, accommodation, student/work visa and other associated matters related to your academic stint abroad. The Pune office is centrally located opposite Wadia College and you can meet the friendly study overseas consultants at www.studysmart.co.in

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