To Write An SOP…

When you meet somebody new and interesting at a party, aren’t you at your best at introducing yourself- with the best smile, careful words and choicest of all phrases?

While this is not a party, it will be a University here, but the rules must remain the same. You are introducing yourself, as a student looking to study abroad, and it matters how you introduce yourself.

Foremost, try and consider the Universities’ perspective: Who would they want as a student? All those who think that the ability to pay the fee should be enough, think again. Apart from needing overseas students, the Universities also seek to maintain their own quality and standard. Apart from a student, who can pay the fee, the Universities need students who are sincere and sorted.

This is how the Statement of Purpose, SOP, becomes the most important document of your application. Really, it can be the make or break document. It tells the universities about you– your dreams, hobbies, aspirations and expectations. If you look at it this way, then your SOP is, basically, your story and it needs to be told well for you cannot be clueless and vague about your own story. Or, can you?

How To Write An SOP?

  • Make sure that your grammar is impeccable. Brush up the syntaxes, read up some quality articles and write short sentences. Use all the words carefully.
  • Answer all the questions asked, as honestly as you can.
  • Tell about your aspirations and expectations, and how do you think that the course is going to help you.
  • Highlight your academic and extra-curricular activities. The universities want versatility. Do not be shy about sharing the most meaningful experiences in your life. Just don’t create a novel out of it. We mean… A novel is fine. It’s good. But just not in the SOP.
  • Do not- we repeat, DO NOT– copy-paste your SOP from just anywhere from the ‘net. Trust us, the Universities will know. Even if you want to put in some quote, always mention the author.
  • Write the SOP in first person because… Well, it’s your story, right?
  • Keep the SOP crisp, tidy and to the point. 500-750 words are more than enough. Put your point across as neatly as you can.

The SOP is not meant to be your headache. If it becomes one, let us try to take that away from you.

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