Scholarship Update – Melbourne

One of the most comprehensive and generous scholarship programs in Australia is to be found in Melbourne. From merit to considering socio-economic needs, there is everything for everybody.


For Under-Grad Scholars
There are tuition-fee exempts, funds assistance and allowance over the entire duration of your degree. There are faculty-specific scholarships, sports, residential and travelling scholarships as well.


For Post-Grad Scholars
Allowance, full-fee remission, health cover and airfare. All? Check. You have living allowance, relocation allowance a thesis allowance as well as many leaves guaranteed in many universities. Many universities support externally funded students as well. What more? They provide links for help, should a student need assistance economically.


There is a whole range of stand-alone and top-up scholarships should you wish to study abroad in Melbourne. For more details, you know where we can be found.

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