Study in India vs Study Abroad

Studying abroad seems like such a hassle to everybody. Most of us think that only the rich go abroad. Most of the remaining percentage of people believes that it is necessary to have somebody already living in some country abroad in order to be able to go there and study. The rest of us are just whirling around in the same old fish-bowl of set criteria and beliefs. And then you find the people who believe a degree to be just a piece of paper and inconsequential.


Understood that a lot of our billionaires and innovators are school and college drop-outs but they did not stop studying, did they? If you have a look at Albert Einstein’s table at the time he died, you will find a mini-library there. Education does not stop. But the point is; if you are not the personal mini-library kind of a person, you need a proper establishment to guide you.


The obvious question that pops up is; why do I need to go abroad? Our own universities and establishments are not bad at all, right? Wrong. To begin with, the education system in India is kind-of outdated. In a recent study, it was found that no student passes college as a skilled-labor. Perhaps you do not understand the full impact of this but the impact is quite damaging. By the time we all pass high school, we are around the legal age… and clueless. Most of us do not know what our aptitude is. And it is necessary to know what you are good at.


            Why study abroad, still?


Before we get to that, let us have a look at who goes abroad:

  • Those who go to study and then return. These would prefer a good university that not only offers good education but also a practical skill set.
  • Want to study, work a couple of years and then return. They will look for longer courses in reputed universities, which will allow them to work for a few years.
  • Settle there permanently. Universities do not matter as long as they are in a country with relaxed immigration rule.


If you noticed, apart from the last category of immigrants, the top two will look for a reputed university; a world-renowned university that has its own validity world-over. A quick fact here- NONE of our institutions make it to the top 200 universities in the world, despite India having the third largest education system in the world. Not even one of your IIMs and IITs. The unreserved seats are more competitive than the top 20 universities of the world. We are made to think that gaining an admission in a prestigious college is like climbing the Mount Everest but, then, not all countries have the reservation policy, or limited number of seats or competition. Also, the cost of seats under the management quota for professional colleges is unregulated; it requires huge sums of undisclosed cash. And, if you can do a little math here, then the cost at studying at the most prestigious college in India is, sometimes, more than the cost of studying in a college that is among the top 200 of the world.

Even if degrees do not matter in the end, even in a country near-mad about IIT and IIM, then why not give yourself the opportunity to go abroad and have some fun with all the work?

WHY go Study abroad?

Sincerely, if you can just scroll down the rest of our blog, you will find myriad reasons. Even if you do not feel like doing that, let us give you a small list for consideration;

  • The Ranking: Let’s face it. India falls way short. With the kind of potential bursting up here, we should be the brain-hub of the world. Right? We are the brain-drain hub, rather. Didn’t we all outrage like cry-babies when the new Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, made no mention about how India helped him, etc., etc.? The question, rather, should have been: Did India help him at all? We all love a foreign brand here. No wonder, most of world-renowned Indian success stories are written abroad.
  • The Opportunities: While you are studying abroad, you will have to do your own work, find a job that takes care of your living expenses there. Most of us will take it as a serious problem. Going abroad is, actually, for those who will see it as what it is- an opportunity to become exactly what you are capable of. Anywhere abroad, the global market will be at your disposal. Studying Abroad will make you an independent and confident individual.
  • Flexibility: You not only have accelerated courses but the options of “dual major”, “minor” and “free electives”. That is, studies in more than one subject. Of course, you need to select cautiously but this is a concept that looks quite futuristic for India.
  • Focus on skill building: Education system abroad is more focused on developing practical skills of a student and making him job ready, unlike India where the focus is purely on theoretical knowledge.
  • The Exposure: The opportunity of living and studying aboard offers the kind of exposure, which a student can never get in India. The cultural diversity, advance technology, government facilities and quality of life is far more superior.
  • The Social Benefits: Unlike the Indian government, the government of developed countries provide a lot of social benefits to students like free health care, free libraries, student discounts on travel, restaurants, shopping etc.
  • Travel the World: Travelling Abroad for a holiday from India always looks like a expensive affair, but when you are living abroad and earning in a foreign currency, making holiday plans to exotic locations will be a lot easier. Not to mention countries like UK, US, Australia etc are portals to get easy access to some of the most exiting travel destinations.
  • They want Indians: India is not only a good student bank but a potential hub of striking innovators. Many universities are looking for program partnerships with universities here. Many of the countries are looking to invite Indian blood directly on their soil. Why wait?

From the past decade, the number of Indian students going abroad has increased furiously. By 256%, to be specific. It is not that the rich have started producing more children to send abroad. It is, actually, the middle class taking the lead. Also, the North-East. More and more people are coming to realize the cost of education abroad can be as reasonable or sometimes even cheaper when compared to the cost of education with Private institute in India. The bank loans have become easier as well and there a variety of scholarships students can avail. A lot of the students are chucking the most popular destinations like U.S, UK and Australia in favor of countries like New Zealand, Ireland, and Malaysia, which are comparatively reasonable. What more? The students are not only going to study the medical and engineering courses. There has been a steep incline in the courses unpopular in India.

Most of our students, and their families, are victims of dogma. We are fixed upon particular courses and specific methods since generations. The world does not roll this way anymore. A lot many students, who are looking for education in their immigration plans, understand the diversity available in the global market. Perhaps the biggest benefit of studying abroad is that you are really on your own and nobody is going to look down on you even if you are working in McDonald’s outlet to earn your own money.


We, sincerely, hope that your interest is piqued; whether in outrage or in curiosity. To say anything, to ask anything, to plan anything… You have our contact details. Our Expert overseas education counselors will help you at every step and make the right choices when you decide to Study Abroad. Study Smart believes if you choose better…. You will do better! Contact Us for more information..


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