Tips For Cracking The Writing Section Of The IELTS Exam

One of the most important sections of the IELTS test is the writing section. Here, you need to write something daily and receive feedback of your writing sample from someone who has already appeared in the test. You may ask help from a teacher or a friend who is proficient in the English language. When you are writing on a topic always remember that your intention is not to impress the reader but you gather feedback on your strengths and weaknesses.

Practice Will Make You Perfect

It is recommended that you write something daily. Now, you do not have to be very creative here. You simply can write about anything under the sun. The idea here is to practice your writing skills and later getting feedback on them. At the same time, it is important for you to ensure that you evaluate your writing tasks daily. You may begin by writing simple daily activities and move on to any topic that might interest you. When you consistently continue doing this, you will find a major improvement in your writing skills with the passage of time.

Follow The Instructions Of The Examination Very Closely

It is important for you to follow the rules and instructions of the IELTS examination very closely. If you have been recommended to write about 250 words, ensure that you do not extend to 350. This is one way by which you will lose points. When you are writing a piece, it is prudent for you to exceed the word limit by just 20 to 30 words.

Take Time To Form A Rough Sketch

It is important for you to take time to form a rough sketch of what you plan to write. Do not start writing after you have read the question immediately. This planning will help you shape your writing from the start and ensure you adhere to the word limits.

Resort To Smooth Transition

When you are writing on a subject, it is obvious that you will have more than one idea in mind. This is why you should resort to smooth transition. This is where you should use smooth transition devices so that the reader does not get upset. Some examples may be meanwhile, hereafter, therefore etc or you may also use a complete paragraph for the task.

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