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Founded in 1946, Lakehead University is one of the top universities in Canada. Located in Thunder Bay and Ontario, this University operates as a non – profit public Higher Education University which is also accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Every year around 8000 – 9000 students enrol in this esteemed University. Lakehead University offers programmes and courses which are officially recognized. These programmes are offered in the form of undergraduate certificates/diplomas, bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in various areas of study. This University provides its students with a range of services and facilities which include sports facilities, a library, administrative services and student exchange programmes.

Why Study At Lakehead University

Your University years should be exceptional and invaluable for you. Lakehead University provides its students state of the art facilities and services that paves the way for a students to be successful. Here are a few reasons why you should be opting to study at Lakehead university:


1. High chance for success Students studying at Lakehead University have a higher chance for success due to the experiential and community based learning offered along with internships to help a student gain hands on application and theoretical knowledge.

2. Top University Lakehead University is the top University in Undergraduate research according to Re$earch Infosource 2015. Apart from Undergraduate level, this elite University provides excellent opportunities for students wishing to enrol in Post-gad or Master’s degree

3. Smaller Classes – Over 85% of the classes at Lakehead University have less than 50 students and 55% of the classes have fewer than 25 students. This ensures that the student gets personal attention from highly qualified professors and this further encourages community based learning.

4. World class Facilities – Lakehead University offers world class and state of the art facilities to its students. The University possess all the latest equipment along with a natural laboratory. Students studying at Lakehead can hugely benefit from such top facilities.

5. Wide range of Programmes – Lakehead University offers around 60 different programmes at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The students can choose from a variety of fields some of wich are Law, Tourism, Business, Applied Sciences, Environmental Management etc.


The following video will give you an insight of life in Lakehead University.


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