University of the Week – Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, New Zealand


Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology is the largest public Tertiary Education Institution located at the top of South Island in New Zealand. Its main campus is located in Nelson, whereas its other campuses are in Blenheim, Marlborough, Richmond and Woodbourne. NMIT has its roots in Nelson Technical School which was established in 1905, and has been providing tertiary education for over 110 years now. The Technical school merged with the Nelson college in 1930 and provided many [art time hobby classes and a few vocational courses as well. In 1971, the nelson Polytechnic officially became a Technical Institute. To better reflect the regional focus, the name Nelson Polytechnic was changed to Nelson Marlborough Institute of technology in 2000


Campus and Campus Life

The Nelson Campus is located at the heart of the city providing quick and easy access to the cafes, bars, restaurants and shopping in the city. The Prime locations are well within the reach by a walk or a bicycle ride. The campus gives access to not only their student but also to the general public for cafes, salon and spas and restaurants. The Library Learning center provides facilities such as books, audio visual facilities, study space, free wi-fi access for students to learn, research and collaborate. There are various types of accommodation facilities available for the Nelson Campus such as, Homestay, Nikau Apartments where a student can rent one apartment or share a 2 or 3 or 4 bedroom apartment or renting a private flat. The campus has an AstroTurf Sports court where students have equipments and access to games like soccer, tennis, netball or basketball. The Marlborough Campus of NMIT is almost 20 minutes walk from Blenheim city center. Though the Marlborough campus is smaller than the main campus, it offers real world learning at its finest. They offer Viticulture, Aviation and other programs to support the local businesses. The campus provides learning on a real aircraft while studying aviation along with the classroom learning. Viticulture and Winemaking offers a lot of off campus hands on training in the vineyards and wineries, field trips and industrial visits. The services offered to the students in both the campuses are more or less same.

Academic Faculties:

NMIT offers more than 100 courses at certificate, diploma or a degree level across the wide range of education. The Study Areas Include Aquaculture, Maritime, Aviation, Conservation, Viticulture and winemaking, Arts and Design, Business, Beauty Therapy, Engineering, Computing and IT, Language Cookery and more.

Why Choose NMIT?

NMIT is a Government owned institute established over a 100 years ago. The qualifications offered at NMIT are all approved by New Zealand Qualifications Authority i.e NZQA, it has been ranked in 1st category. NMIT is known to offers as many hands on teaching and off campus training as they offer the on campus education. They have developed their programs with help of the local business and industries; hence the students get to be trained by the industry experts themselves. NMIT has over 1000 international students from 35 different nationalities every year. With a population of less than 4 million people New Zealand has a lot of opportunities to offer to develop a career in the country. The country has easy PR options and many jobs opportunities fro fresh graduates as well as the people with work experience in the past. Apart from all the life time opportunities and experience that are offered the course fees and cost of living in the country is very much affordable and within budget for any international student. The tuition fee is not more than Rs 18 to Rs 20 lacs in a year, and affordable cost of living. NMIT has a wide range of scholarships to be offered to the deserving candidates every year. The scholarships can range from 500$ to 3000$ per year depending upon the student profile and their eligibility.

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