University Of The Week- Niagara College

Niagara College is one of the top colleges in Canada known for Applied Arts and Technology. It is located at the Niagara in South Ontario, Canada. This esteemed academic institution has four campuses in the country. The names of the other three campuses are The Welland Campus, The Mist Campus and the Niagara-on-the-lake campus and The Maid of The Mist Campus. Every year over 9000 full-time students and 15,000 Continuing Education students, enroll at this esteemed college.  This Institute provides over one hundred post- secondary graduate, post- graduate and diploma programs. Students are able to take certificates and complete apprenticeships from here as well.

Leading College For Students In Ontario, Canada

According to credible and skilled study abroad consultants for Canada, International students will be happy to know that Niagara College is one of the top colleges recognized for student satisfaction in the nation.


In Ontario, it has currently been ranked Number One in Student Satisfaction out of 24 colleges in the region for 8 out of 10 years. This was discovered in the annual Key Performance Indicator Survey that was mandated in the Ontario Province. Besides the above recognition, this survey also provides the esteemed and well- loved academic institution high marks in the field of graduate satisfaction, employer satisfaction and employment rate among graduates.


This means when you complete your studies from Niagara College, you do have a lucrative global career ahead.

Study Overseas In Canada- Salient Features Of Niagara College

As mentioned above, the Niagara College functions from 3 campus locations. The Welland Campus of the College is located on 100 acres of lush green lawn and houses programs pertaining to communications, technology, skilled trades, health and community, broadcasting, automotive, policing, and public safety. The Niagara Centre YMCA, a regional police-training unit and the Children’s Safety Village are located here.


This Institution also has a number of Joint Programs University Transfers with many academic institutions like The Sanda University in China, Brock University, Niagara University in New York and the University of Santo Tomas in Chile.


Niagara College in Ontario –one of the top universities in Canada has also formulated several degree completion agreements for student that study in Canada with SPP colleges in Canada and Universities across the globe.


Graduates who are pursuing their diploma courses have several opportunities for completing their degree via the Partnering Institutions of the College in British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta and New Brunswick. Partners of the International University are found in United Arab Emirates, New York, New Hampshire, Chile and Australia.


The following YouTube link gives you an insight about Niagara College in Ontario



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