University of Week – Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT)

Manukau Institute of Technology is one of the top universities in New Zealand. Students from across the world looking to Study in New Zealand come to this famous institution for a bright and prospective future. The campus has a welcoming and friendly environment for aspiring students and professionals. This esteemed educational institute is a world leader in both technical and vocational training. Read on if you are looking to study abroad in New Zealand.

There are a host of academic programs for the international student to choose from ranging from certificate to degree levels. There are approximately 20,000 students including 4000 international students that choose this trusted Institute for their higher academic pursuits when they decide to study abroad in New Zealand. MIT is generally the first choice for many students interested in high quality vocational and IT courses across the globe.

Wish To Study Abroad in New Zealand – Why Choose MIT?

The following are some of the top reasons for choosing MIT for further studies-

MIT is the top Institute for technology in New Zealand

  • It is a government tertiary academic institution.
  • Students enjoy a balanced curriculum of practical and theoretical learning
  • Post studies, graduates are ready for career and work
  • Facilities are highly developed and modern
  • Exposure to flexible educational qualifications and work paths

MIT has been rated in 2009 as the Best Overall Institute Of Technology or Polytech- Tertiary Education Commission by The Performance of Tertiary Education Organizations. It is located in Manukau City in Auckland and brings rich educational and career opportunities for students across the globe. Students who have graduated from this esteemed institute are highly in demand in the job market not only in New Zealand but across the globe.

The following YouTube video will give you an insight on how life as an international student is like at Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT). Let’s take a look-

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