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The “UNESCO City of Designs” – one of the only three such cities in the world-, Montreal, is the largest city in the Quebec province of Canada. With a triple-peak mountain right in middle of the city, Montreal is a major hub of Canada’s commerce, aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, culture, tourism, gaming, film and international affairs. Along with all of this, the city gives you a good dose of France out of France. From the typically French Basilica to an Underground City, from the Parisian cobbled streets to “greenspaces”, Montreal gives you the charm and the grandeur and a world class standard in everything pursued here. In 2012, it was ranked as the 10th best place in the world for students studying in Canada.


Nestled here, at the foot of Mount Royal, from which Montreal derives its name, is Canada’s top university; the McGill University. The university offers over 300 fields of study for students looking to study in Canada. Out of the 26,000 students, 20% are the international ones from over 150 countries. It boasts of an appreciable student-faculty ratio of 16:1. Apart from its own faculty, there are over 4,300 visiting professors teaching here. You will be taught by professors who have won various teaching prizes. The university churns out about a hundred innovations and discoveries every year, and that is, still, a modest number. So if you are looking to Study overseas in Canada, this on of the top choices for international students looking to study abroad.

The McGill University is the founding member of “Universitas 21”, it is a member of Association of American Universities, a member of the Canadian U15 and has its own press, the McGill-Queen’s University Press. The McGill University Library has 13 branches and over 6 million items, out of which 350,000 are rare.


The main campus, at the foot of Mount Royal, has buildings situated in park-like campuses. The Macdonald Physics building is a real sight to watch. In 2012, Travel + Leisure rated McGill campus as one of 17 most beautiful campuses in the world. The university has its own residence halls, its athletic facilities have the Molson Stadium and its own gymnasium. It is Canada’s only teaching and research facility in the tropics. Its facilities are regularly used by the Canadian Space Agency. There is an extensive marine biology collection. Its “Nature Reserve” preserves the largest remnants of Canadian primeval forests. It collaborates with many hospitals of Montreal.

Whoo! Hard to find a university that is quite exhausting in its awesomeness. Still, if you remain too skeptical, we have a list of world-established facts for you to consider.


Why to study at McGill University?

  • Let the Numbers Speak! :
    The university has been consistently Canada’s #1 from about a decade now. It is the 21st in the world. It has 136 Rhodes Scholars. In 2011, five of its students became the nation’s youngest-ever Members of Parliament. 9 Nobel Laureates here. Nine!
  • Eureka! :
    That the atoms are divisible, the first map of the brain’s motor cortex, inventions of Plexiglas, three major sports and the artificial blood cell… Guess who?
  • Research:
    They are the finest here. If we sit down and make you count all the world-known researchers the university has produced, we will be talking for days. Suffice it to say that from nano-tech to food and secrets of genomics, this university holds the reins.
  • Brilliant Diversity:
    Like we told you, 20% of the university’s students are international. They have their alumini in more than 180 countries! What more can be said about the cultural diversity and acceptance of that diversity better than these numbers?
  • Employment:
    McGill takes care of your fat package after you graduate, for sure, but even while studying the university takes care of your internships. They have such a vast network of alumini that the world is at your disposal, really. They are also Montreal’s top employers for 2014.
  • Montreal!:
    Truly, go for this cosmopolitan! They say that the French have always known about maintaining standards. This mini-France will show you exactly that. 90 festivals in a year, restaurants of every taste and budget, fascinating museums and places to stay at any budget… Montreal is a world of culture with a surprise popping here and there frequently. It is every person’s place, to be honest. Live French at American pace and do not worry much about the money.


Scholarships on Offer:


  • Scholarships in Faculty of Law:
    A couple of scholarships here. One of those is offered to one student at the Master’s or the Doctorate Level. It may be a renewable scholarship of $15,000. Another scholarship awards $15,000 to a student on Doctorate level and a Master’s student is awarded $12,000 to participate in this program.


  • MSc and PhD Scholarships in Biology:
    The University supports its graduate students either through a scholarship, teaching assistantships or through the support from supervisor’s research grants. The minimum level of support comes up to $15,000 per annum with additional cost covering the tuition fee. Apart from this, the University grants additional financial grants, fellowships, waivers, stipends and awards based upon the merit.



Yes, this required another section altogether. This university has almost 215,000 living alumni spread over 180 countries. There have been 9 Nobel Laureates, 3 astronauts, 2 Canadian Prime Ministers, 12 Canadian Supreme Court Justices, 4 foreign leaders, 28 foreign ambassadors, 9 Academy Award (Oscars) Winners, 3 Pulitzer Prize Winners and 28 Olympic medalists. The alumni have been prime in inventing or morphing Football, Basketball and Ice Hockey. Bill Clinton accepted an Honorary Doctorate from McGill.


Given a chance, won’t you want to be there?

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