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As an overseas student, looking to study abroad, one of your criteria would always be a college that has the capability of offering maximum returns on your investments. That is the entire point of it, isn’t it? You want to go to a college that can guarantee that you are 100% employable when you graduate. That is why you look for all those work placements and alumini histories.


We understand why you have to do this. Nobody wants their money “wasted” on a degree that cannot get you a job. Perfectly understandable. Therefore, we have for you one of the largest employers of Ireland on our blog today.


The Irish established the Shannon College of Hotel Management in 1951. What they did by establishing this college was, basically, build an institution that made its students one of the best in industry. As Ireland’s only dedicated college to hotel management, Shannon has strong ties with the big league of hotel industry. As a student, you will have the opportunity to intern across 16 countries with their 100 hotel partners like Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Jumeirah International and Hilton.


The under-grads undertake nearly two years of professional, paid internships and graduate with a business degree from the National University of Ireland. In a nutshell, you are ready to manage the business of luxury as the Bachelor of Business Studies in International Hotel Management.


Why Choose Shannon?




We’ll give you simple, precise reasons:


  • 100% employment on the graduation day.
  • Two paid internships.
  • Over a 100 hotel partners in across 16 nations.
  • One of the best Hotel Schools in the world.
  • Shannon! It is the home of The Cliffs of Moher- Ireland’s top visitor and activity centre.
  • Well, Ireland. We insist, once in your life, you just have to be here. What better than to study here while you lose yourself in some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world?


Even if that leaves you wondering, the friendliest country in the whole wide world will come to your help.

Struggling to make the right choices for your life ahead is daunting. That is why we are always ready to help. Feel free to ping us, if need be.



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