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There, just, are some universities in the world, which were established to be trendsetters, perhaps. These universities have evolved and expanded with time, adopted and started the trends the world follows, when it comes to education. No wonder, these universities have managed to stay on top of the game.


One such University has been the University of Sydney- or USyd. Founded in 1850, it is the first Australian university and one of its most prestigious. The university comprises of 16 faculties and schools, offering Bachelors’, Masters’ and Doctorate degrees. The coat of arms of the college bears the motto, “Though the constellations change, the mind is the same.” The university has a main campus comprising of three buildings and more than ten satellite campuses spread across Sydney. Their student-exchange programs are in almost every continent and corner of the world; from the big cities to some of the unheard-of destinations.


The USyd library consists of eleven individual libraries and is the largest library in the southern hemisphere. Their Rare Books Library is famed for housing some extremely rare items, including some extinct works. Their museums have some of the most prestigious collections in the world. The university has a number of residential colleges that are state-of-the-art and comprise just about everything a student needs.


The University employs over ten thousand staff members and have been voted as an Employer of Choice for Women. They offer full-time, part-time and casual positions as well.


This is going to be the impressive part.

Overall, the university has managed a position in the top 0.3% of the world. In most of the courses it offers, the university is individually ranked among the top 15 universities of the world. In the Asia-Pacific, the university is among the top 10. Their main campus has been ranked among the top 10 for the most beautiful campuses in the world.

The USyd is among the world’s topmost numbers of universities that draw magnanimous research grants- which, in turn, should tell you about the research competitiveness and the size of student and staff body.


From Kings, Princes and Knights in olden days to Deputy Prime Ministers, Chief Justices, Ministers and Business Tycoons, the university has produced them all. You will find notable people belonging to this university playing Rugby, innovating Science and Technology or travelling space. They have about 280,000 alumini worldwide, connected with the university to help the freshers with finding jobs or research teams.

Student Life

Talk about vibrancy and uniqueness. Their orientation or the O-Week would give a fair glimpse into what lies ahead. There are over 200 societies and multiple hobby clubs, with proper facilities to avail each of your interests. The campus houses many recreation hubs and outlets for you to not miss going to a café outside. Even if you miss that, the city is not far away. Their Students’ Union is one of the most diverse and very well organized in the whole of Australia.

Why to Study Abroad at USyd?

Why should you study here, really? Let us brief this all up.

    1. Sydney: Consistently maintaining its presence on the most livable and student friendly places in the world, this city becomes one of the foremost reason to study at any university in the city. From your study tenure to your post-study plans, the city is just the place that has it all for you.
    2. Legacy: The USyd has given so much to the world in almost every field that it is hard to doubt its credibility. The university holds its own and, after you get a degree here, there is no place in the world that can refuse you.
    3. Working while Studying: The University provides internships and helps with work placements. It has a strong network, when we talk of working.
    4. The Big Names: Even as you are studying, your professors, visiting guests and mentors might just be the big names in the field of concern. You might just be bedazzled.
    5. The Campus: This could not be not on the list. The campus is so scenic, so gorgeous, made of sandstone and half-gothic that anybody interested in buildings would be happily lost. Here is that one place that can make you sit and relax even as you are lugging heavy books around.


An opportunity to study abroad can be one of the most beneficial and fabulous things you can do with your life. We would like to be a part of this bright and brave decision, should you choose to make it. Even if you need help in making this decision, feel free to ping us anytime.


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